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Family WOWed by SequoiasVeraVise WOW travel is an outdoor family travel blog written by an Appalachian Girl (that’s me 😁) who loves hiking and outdoor family travel.  When we aren’t hiking or taking extended family road trips, we love visiting Walt Disney World or exploring small urban down towns.

The name VeraVise is a combination of the words Veracity, which means to be truthful in your words, and Advise.   We strive to offer the  honest and helpful advice that inspires outdoor family travel adventure.

The WOW travel aspect reflects a desire to share truly amazing destinations.  As business owners ourselves, we strive to WOW our clients with our service.  As customers, we appreciate businesses who do the same and gladly share those businesses with you.

Hiking State and National Parks

Yosemite Glacier Point

As I mentioned, we enjoy outdoor travel and hiking.  Currently, we are on a mission to see every national park in the United States.   It is our hope to visit them all as by my oldest son’s senior year in 2025.

Family pictured on the Appalachian trail in a section known as the Beauty Spot located in Unicoi county Tennessee

Living in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of Northeast Tennessee affords us numerous opportunities to hike.

We spend many weekends hiking and exploring the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.  Sharing northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Western North Carolina with you is a privilege

Grayson Highlands Mountain Range

Disney and Family Fun

Talk Disney To Me Logo

Additionally, we have become huge fans of Disney Parks and Resorts so I dedicate a portion of the blog offering tips on Disney vacations.  We have a weekly blog hop known as Mouse Fan Mondays as well as a weekly chat on Twittter using the #disfanchat.

Included in our tips from time to time is a collaboration with other bloggers of the DisFanChat offering our best tips and advice on various aspects of Disney vacation planning.

Be sure to join our Facebook group and #disfanchat Twitter chat if you love to chat it up about Disney! 

Children hugging Dale at Walt Disney World

Southeast United States Travel

Sprinkled in between  our hiking the national parks and visiting Disney will be other destinations with an emphasis on southeast coastal states like Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.  

Amanda Bowers owner and author at VeraVise WOW Travel


We are a family travel blog focusing on outdoor family adventures, road trips, and Disney Vacations. We hope you find our travel guides and reviews helpful.