What or Who is VeraVise?

“First among the handmaidens of Truth, that is, spoken Truth, is Veracity–the habit of letting our words express the exact fact so far as we know it.” -Charlotte Mason

Veracity + Advise= VeraVise

Veracity: habitual truthfulness

Advise: offer suggestions about the best course of action to someone

VeraVise is a new travel blog written by an Appalachian girl (that's me 😁) whose family somehow became a traveling family.

As small business owners, we love and appreciate service and places that WOW us! We know that if they did that, someone worked hard to make that happen.

My writing, like my life and my travels, is eclectic and personal. You will see this in my posts, my Instagram feed, and on my other social media accounts.  My interests are wide and varied, but my sharing has a purpose. 

What Do We Write About?

So what topics can you find here?

Well, expect to find a lot about the Disney parks and other theme parks.  In fact be sure to join my Facebook group and #disfanchat Twitter chat if you love to chat it up about Disney! 

But you can also expect to read travel itineraries and reports on outdoor travel, camping, general aviation experiences, road trips, and the beautiful Northeast Tennessee and Appalachian mountains that I have lived in my entire life.

Sprinkled in between will be other US destinations with an emphasis on southeast coastal states like Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.  As we proceed, I expect you will also find more international travel.  We do include hotel reviews if we are particularly impressed by our experience. 

Finally, because I have children with food allergies and I've become a foodie, you can expect that if a restaurant WOWs my family, I'm going to write about it!  

Sharing is Caring right?

Because Veracity is missing in much of our world today, VeraVise combines truth and advice that you can trust. 

Accommodations, restaurants, and destinations that WOW deserve to be recognized and we enjoy sharing that with other enthusiastic travelers like you!