"First among the handmaidens of Truth, that is, spoken Truth, is Veracity--the habit of letting our words express the exact fact so far as we know it." -Charlotte Mason, Ourselves
Amanda Bowers

VeraVise was created to share travel experiences and highlight destinations that  WOW! Anybody can offer a mediocre experience, but those that WOW deserve enthusiastic referrals.

Because Veracity is missing in our world today, VeraVise combines truth and advice that you can trust.  VeraVise advice stems from honest experiences and truthful opinions.

My husband and I run a small business when we aren't on the road. We've built our business on the belief that our service must WOW our clients and create enthusiastic referrals. We know, first hand, that offering  superb service and creating amazing experiences aren't accidental.  Naturally, when we travel, we notice when a company or a destination does the same and we like to tell others and reward their hard work.

After having children with food allergies, I am even more WOWed when a restaurant gives us the same experience a non-allergic customer would have and  I am apt to refer others to their location.

Accommodations, restaurants, and destinations that WOW deserve to be recognized and shared with other enthusiastic travelers like you!