Immerse Yourself in History and Luxury on Amelia Island, Florida: One of Florida’s Best Beaches!

Amelia Island and Fernandina beach has become one of my absolute favorite Florida beaches! The island is 13 miles long and sits just over an hour south of two other favorite low country beaches located to the north in Georgia: Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island. When we can’t make it to Hilton Head Island, SC to stay at the Westin HHI, we make it a point to go to Amelia Island and stay at the OMNI AMELIA ISLAND PLANTATION RESORT.

Amelia Island Plantation Resort

Depending upon your vacation style, there are a few distinct ways to enjoy Amelia Island. Fernandina Beach is a lovely beach with a wide coastline, plenty of shells for those who like to collect them, and soft sand. Surprisingly, it seems to be a secret to the world! In fact, I am almost reticent to write about it for fear the word might get out and my respite might become another busy tourist attraction!

Omni Beach View

We enjoyed such a relaxing time strolling along the beach, dipping in the ocean, and lounging by Omni’s adult pool! Perhaps it was merely because the kids weren’t with us, or because it wasn’t a Disney resort (as much as I love them), but I thoroughly enjoyed our time here. It was a respite on a nearly uninhabited beach!

Fernandina Beach View From The Sky

Within the plantation itself, there are numerous restaurants, shops, and activities.  If golfing is your favorite vacation pass time, the plantation offers three,“Audubon International certified sanctuary golf courses” as well as a golf academy.

Golf & Beach View From Omni Ocean Front Rooms

If you prefer tennis, Omni’s site states their tennis program is, “managed by Cliff Drysdale Tennis professionals” and offers “23 Har-Tru tennis courts”

Additionally, Omni Resort Plantation offers a “health and fitness center, nature-inspired spa and salon, shopping village, year round youth programs, Nature Center, fishing, Segway tours, bicycle and island hopper rentals” (also known as Golf Carts)

Amelia Island Plantation Dining

Our stay at the plantation included two visits to Marché Burette. On our first visit we enjoyed a deli style lunch. My husband was in the mood for a Po Boy, and while it wasn’t on the menu, the waitress replied with, “I am sure we can make it!” That is the kind’ve WOW service that VeraVise loves to tell others about. Make it they did! It was delicious. I enjoyed the Southwest Turkey Panini and our companions shared the Turkey Apple Brie Panini. We then shared a GIANT Peanut butter cookie! We were found a time or two back at the Marché Burette in line at the gelato counter!!


While eating lunch, the manager came around to tell us about their Shrimp Boil and Steak Out dinners. Saturday night’s Steak Out menu sounded appealing so we returned to enjoy this fabulous meal. The manager informed us to arrive by 5pm if we wanted to avoid an hour long wait.


Other Amelia Island Restaurants

Things To Do On Amelia Island

We spent a lovely evening strolling the shops and marina and then enjoyed a nice seafood meal atop the Salty Pelican while the sun went down. There are so many wonderful things to do in historic downtown Amelia Island.  

If the beach isn’t your ideal vacation, see the doctor right away. Just kidding!  In all seriousness, if you are like me, there is a time for lounging and there is a time for exploring.  Amelia Island offers both.  With its quaint shops, numerous restaurants, and lovely marina, the downtown is as enjoyable as the beach. Speaking of historical places in Florida, check out this guide to St. Augustine, Florida.

If you are a history nerd as I am, you will find much to satisfy your itch on Amelia Island. I found the history of the Lesesne House fascinating. The house has sat on the corner of Centre Street for over 150 years and now serves as a venue for weddings and events.

On our first visit in September, we stayed in the downtown district at the Hampton Inn. While there we visited the local visitor’s center and met two very friendly ladies more than eager to share their love for the island. As a homeschooling family, we were excited to find out about Fort Clinch State Park and enjoyed a nice afternoon exploring the fort.

One downside to flying your own airplane is that your plans are very subject to the weather. While we planned to stay three nights, we had to cut our time a bit short in order to avoid some bad weather back home. On our last afternoon we decided to make one more stop in downtown where we enjoyed lunch at Tasty’s fresh burgers & fries. It was this experience that sealed the deal for me in terms of my love for this town. Sitting in the warm sun, enjoying burgers & milk shakes while meeting the friendly people of Amelia Island has created a longing in my heart to not only visit this place, but make it my home. That may be a post for the future, but I have definitely been exploring the possibilities.

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If you are planning a trip Amelia in the Winter, check out these 11 Winter Activities on Amelia Island. 

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Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort
Amelia Island, Florida Beach Getaway: Amelia Island boasts a beautiful beach, great restaurants, a quaint historic town, and plenty of outdoor fun.

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  1. Just the name “Amelia Island” makes me want to go – so charming! Can’t believe it’s in Florida of all places; wouldn’t have guessed! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday – hope to see you again in a few days! xo

  2. Florida never ceases to amaze me! Wow this island looks like it belongs on my list. I am going to check out Amelia Island for my next Florida vacation! I hope to see you at Fly Away Friday this week ? x

  3. I haven’t heard much about Amelia Island and will confess that Disney is our usual destination whenever we visit Florida. Still, this looks like a very relaxing vacation. I like that the beaches aren’t too crowded. The rest of the island looks interesting, too.

  4. We love Florida and I’ve been going every year since I was a kid, but know nothing of this area so it was fun reading this post. Looks like there’s so much to see and do. I was chuckling at the Po Boy sandwich part because it seems every guy in my life is obsessed with Po Boys! #theweeklypostcard

    • That’s funny. We were introduced to them while in college. Our neighbor and fellow student of my husband was from Southern Louisiana.

  5. You arrived in style! How fantastic that it means you are only 2 hours away from such a fabulous place. I’d love to visit here, it all looks so charming and so perfect with a touch of history thrown in. Wonderful. #WeeklyPostcard

  6. Amelia Island looks so quaint and beautiful. I love Florida and go there at least once a year with the family so I’ll have to visit one of these times. #FlyAwayFriday

  7. As I read this, it’s bucketing down here and The Netherlands and I just feel like getting on a plane ASAP and visit this place. How lovely.

  8. I have heard a lot of good things about Amelia Island. The resort looks ideal for a relaxing getaway (I like the absence of kids, ha). I have been to Florida only once. I have to change that. #WanderfulWednesday

    • Oh my Ruth, yes! Florida is so lovely esp in the spring. I’m a fan of Temps that never go below 70! (Of course in Feb we were at Disney and it was in the 40s, but thats rare)

  9. I was seriously looking at FL beach vacations just last week. FL has so many beautiful options, it’s just hard to choose lol. We decided to go hiking in Canada instead (180 ha) but next time we have another long weekend, I’m gonna check out Amelia Island! #wanderfulwednesday


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