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The Best ATV Campgrounds In Ohio

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Filled with natural wonders and exciting trails, Ohio is a great place for camping and Recreational ATV riding. Here are the best ATV Campgrounds in Ohio where you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

From the exciting trails of Wayne National Forest to the beautiful shores of Lake Erie and scenic woodlands, there is a destination for every type of camper and off-roader in Ohio.

Best ATV Campgrounds in Ohio
Best ATV Campgrounds in Ohio

Whether you are looking for ATV trail systems or campsites with scenic mountain views, you will be able to find a place in Ohio that has everything you are looking for.

Check out the best Ohio ATV trails and camping destinations that are sure to take you on an ultimate outdoor adventure.

Where can you drive ATVs in Ohio?

Ohio’s hills and valleys provide a scenic backdrop for ATV riding and other outdoor activities. Wayne National Forest covers over a quarter-million acres of Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio and is home to the largest concentration of ATV trails in Ohio

If you’re looking for other places to ride in Ohio, you’ll find other amazing ATV parks and trails along lake Erie to the northeast and a few excellent choices in the northwest area of Ohio bordering the state of Indiana.

The following are some of the best ATV parks and Trails in Ohio;

  • Wayne National Forest: Athens Ranger District- Athens Area, Monday Creek OHV System, Hanging Rock OHV System, Pine Creek OHV System
  • Hocking Hills, OH
  • Perry Forest ATV Park LLC
  • Bear Creek ATV Trails
  • Pike State Forest APV Riding Area
  • Maumee State Forest
  • Tecumseh Trails
  • Pine Lake Raceway and Trails
atv camping in Ohio
Best ATV Campgrounds in Ohio

Before ATV riding in Ohio, You must always wear a helmet and goggles when operating an ATV or UTV on any state trails.

Ohio ATV Trails and Camping

ATV riding is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Ohio including its vast forests with muddy trails, hills, creeks, and lakes. In Ohio, you’ll find different state forests that offer miles of riding trails perfect for novices and experts alike.

If you’re looking to camp or stay overnight, you’ll find many camping spots that have direct access to the best ATV trails in Ohio.

While the majority of the campgrounds offer ride-in and ride-out access to the trails, there are a few that have their own private trails, so you won’t have to leave the campground at all!

Best ATV Campgrounds in Ohio

These Ohio ATV trails and camping destinations offer the perfect opportunity for ATV riding while enjoying the conveniences of camping nearby.

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