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Best Places To Find ATV Rentals in Florida

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If you are longing to kick up some dust and do some recreational ATV riding in Florida, but don’t have your own ATV or just can’t haul it with you on your vacation, why not consider an ATV rental in Florida?

Here’s a list of all the places you can rent an ATV in Florida so don’t let the lack of a ride stop you from getting out on the trails and slinging some mud.

ATV rentals Florida

Where Can You Ride ATVs in Florida?

While ATV trail riding in Florida is limited compared to the more mountainous regions of the USA, there are several ATV parks throughout central Florida as well as opportunities to ride in Ocala National Forest.

Read more about the best ATV parks in Florida here.

Can I Rent An ATV in Florida?

Yes! If you don’t own an ATV or are heading to Florida for vacation and can’t bring your ATV with you, I’ve got some good news.

You can rent an ATV in Florida!

However, the bulk of the ATV rentals in Florida are either located in the Orlando area or the Central region near Ocala National Forest.

There are a few scattered locations near Tampa and in southern Florida.

Unfortunately, there are no ATV rental locations in the Panhandle region of Florida.

While we recognize that driving your own ATV or a rented one on your own schedule may be preferable, if you are new to ATV recreational riding, then going on a guided ATV tour is often a great option and opportunity to get your feet wet (sometimes quite literally) in the ATV recreational riding world.

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How Much Is It to Rent An ATV?

The price ranges for ATV rental varies widely across rental locations, ATV type, and length of rental.

We’ve seen ATV rental rates as low as $130 for a single rider for 1/3 day rental to as high as $1300 for a 3 day rental of a side by side.

For example, Croom ATV rentals in Central Florida, rents Kawasaki 90CC ATVs for young children for $250 for a full day.

Contrast that with a Full day rate of $600 for a Polaris RZR 570 which seats 4 people.

We recommend you check the specific ATV park or rental location for exact prices as they do vary, but plan on spending at least $200 for a half day ride on an ATV in most places.

Where Can I rent an ATV in Orlando?

The following Self Guided and Tour Guided ATV rentals are located in Central Florida near Orlando, however the Ocala National Forest locations are about 90 minutes outside of Orlando to the West.

Self Guided ATV Rentals in Florida

The following Florida ATV rental locations allow ATV rentals without the need to go on a guided tour.

  • Revolution Off Road– Located in Clermont, FL about 30 minutes west of Orlando.
  • Ride Florida Rentals– Central Florida. Available for riding at Croom ATV Park and select other Central Florida ATV Parks.
  • Croom ATV Rentals– Croom offers the largest selection of ATV rentals in Florida. ATV rentals are available for single riders as young as 3 years old all the way up to Polaris RZR side by side rentals for drivers 30 years old and up.

Guided Tour ATV Rentals In Florida

The following ATV rentals in Florida are for guided ATV tours.

  • World of Adventure Tours- ATV tours of Florida’s Ocala National Forest. During your tour you will visit two lakes, have the opportunity to swim, have a lunch break, and explore natural wildlife such as deer, turtles, snakes, and more.
  • ATV Off-Road Adventure Tours– Located in Central Florida, offering ATV tours of Ocala National Forest for riders aged 12 and over.

Florida ATV Rentals Outside of Orlando

  • Wolfpack ATV Riding– Located in Tampa Florida.  2,600 acre ATV park that caters to renting and riding ATV’s with family and friends on miles of wooden trails.
  • Rockon Recreation Rentals– This is a recreational rental directory site in partnership with Visit Florida to provide a recreational rental search directory. If you are looking to rent an ATV in Florida, it might be worth a shot.

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