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ATV Riding Clothes For Superior Off-Road Protection

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Before you head on for your off-road adventure in your ATV’s make sure you are properly dressed for the occasion. Wearing proper ATV riding clothes not only adds an extra layer of protection it also makes your time spent in your ATVs a lot more comfortable. To help you complete the look, here are the best ATV riding clothes you should wear for your next trail ride.

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Best ATV riding clothes

What Should You Bring Along On Every ATV ride?

To prepare you for unexpected situations while riding, it’s best to keep bringing along all the necessary items you’ll need for your off-road adventure. Whether you’re riding for a day or several days, these ATV riding must-haves will save you from problems or unwanted situations.

  • ATV Tools– Wrenches, screwdrivers, zip ties or Flexi wires, flashlight, duct tape, and tire plug kit.
  • Safety equipment– Proper ATV riding clothes, Helmet, Mobile phone and charger(power banks), matches, pocket knife, maps, or GPS.
  • Emergency kit– First aid kit and tow straps
  • ATV spare parts– Extra fuel, lug wrench and jack, air compressor, spark plugs, jumper cables.

How Should I Dress For An ATV Ride?

Looking for something to wear for your next ATV ride is not that complicated, with a little bit of common sense you’ll do just fine. But for those who are new to the ATV riding scene, here are the must-haves when it comes to ATV riding clothes.

Long Sleeves Shirt For ATV Riding

For superior protection against sun damage, dirt, mud, and low-hanging branches that might scratch you along the way. Choose something loose and moisture-wicking for a comfortable ATV ride.

ATV Riding Long Pants

Protects your lower extremities against the sun, brush, and flying rocks.

ATV Riding Shoes

A pair of your good old sneakers will work sometimes, but for maximum protection for your foot, go for boots that have some padding on the ankles and calves and an outsole with extra grip to keep you steady on the trail.

ATV Gloves

For hand protection and extra grip while steering around curves, wear gloves with a nice grip feature on the palms.

What Do You Wear To An ATV Mudding?

For Hardcore ATV riders, the rainy season calls for an awesome ATV mudding. Sure the more mud it is the merrier but it also comes with challenges that you can solve by doing proper preparation and of course the proper attire. 

Here are the ATV mudding attire must-haves;

Can you wear shorts on an ATV?

Although it’s tempting to wear shorts during warmer seasons, it’s recommended to wear long pants to prevent abrasion, cuts, and other mishaps that you probably will get when you wear shorts instead. Always choose pants that are made from heavy-duty materials for superior protection and safety.

Can You Ride ATV With Sandals?

No, you shouldn’t wear sandals when you ride on an ATV. Slippers or open-toe footwear can easily slip off your foot and lose footing on the ATV pegs. Closed-toe shoes provide protection and support for the foot that slippers and sandals cannot. 

Recreational ATV Riding Course

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