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Ten Places to Find ATV Trails in Maryland

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If you’re looking for ATV Trails in Maryland, you’ll be glad to know that there are several destinations for recreational ATV riding in the state.

While Maryland is best known for the Chesapeake Bay and the city of Baltimore, the state still has a fair amount of recreational outdoor space including recreational ATV riding. Maryland usually draws travelers of the boating variety, but you can find some amazing trails for ATV riding in Maryland as well.

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Are ATVs Street Legal in Maryland?

Before you hit these ATV trails in Maryland, you may be wondering what to expect.

In general, ATV’s are not street legal in Maryland. You must have a title and registration for your ATV in Maryland, and you may not ride them on public lands unless specifically designated as an OHV trail.

ATV Helmets and eye protection are required, as well as a driver’s license or learner’s permit.

Best ATV Trails in Maryland

Now that you know the requirements, let’s explore some ATV trails in Maryland.

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Potomac-Garrett State Forest- Maryland ATV Trails In Spring and Summer

One of the few public areas where you can find ATV trails in Maryland is the Potomac-Garrett State Forest near Oakland in Western Maryland.

This area of Maryland has spacious hardwood forests, high ridges, lakes, streams, and waterfalls. The trees really put on a show in the fall.

There are several ATV trails in the area, as well as four established campgrounds and primitive camping along the forest roads.

The trails are open to two- and four-wheel vehicles from March 15 through December 15.

In the winter, these are snowmobiles.

Call ahead and check the maps carefully, as some trails are only open to snowmobiles. 

  • Backbone Mountain/Burkholder Road ORV Trail – a 2.7-mile trail near the Backbone Mountain Youth Center. 
  • Piney Mountain ORV Trail – a 1.7-mile trail that runs parallel to Cranesville Road
  • Snaggy Mountain ORV Trail – a 3.2-mile trail running from Cranesville Road to Herrington Lake
  • Wallman/Laurel Run ORV Trail – a 2.4-mile trail that follows the Potomac River along Laurel Run Road.

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Savage River State Forest

This state forest near the Pennsylvania border has two designated ORV trails.

Savage River State Forest is located near Grantsville, approximately 40 minutes from the Potomac-Garrett State Forest. Similarly, these trails have restricted usage, and are only open to snowmobiles from December 15 through March 15. 

  • St. John’s Rock Trail – this is the first public area set aside specifically for ORV usage. In addition to several miles of trails, there are technical trail spur loops for ATVs and rock climb areas for 4WD vehicles. There’s also a campground and a children’s area. 
  • Meadow Mountain Trail – 11 miles of multi-use trails along the crest of Meadow Mountain.

Wolf Den Run State Park- Maryland ATV Trails in the Coal Mines

This state park near Oakland has recently opened to Off-Road Vehicles after an extensive land-use study of this former coal-mining area.

Wolf Den Run State Park requires reservations and payment of a day-use fee or an annual passport.

The park has plans to expand OHV trails beyond the 12-mile trail in the Huckleberry Rocks Area, with new trails along the Potomac River.

Camping is also part of the future plan for the park. In the meantime, camping is available nearby in the Garrett State Forest, and along the Potomac River in West Virginia.

The towns of Oakland and Kitzmiller also have visitor services. 

The Landing MX Park

This motocross park near Easton has a designated quad track for ATV’s, while the rest of the park has three tracks dedicated to motorbikes.

The Landing MX Park is a fun spot for the whole family, as there’s also a PeeWee track for the kids.

While this isn’t an expansive area with loads of ATV trails, it’s a great place to dust off your machine after some time off.

Camping is available nearby at Tuckahoe State Park and Martinak State Park.

Wicomico Motor Sports Park

This spot near Charlotte Hall Maryland is near several popular motorsports destinations.

Wicomico Motor Sports Park is just a stone’s throw from the Maryland International Raceway, and Budd’s Creek Motocross Park. There’s even a paintball park nearby.

Wicomico has several tracks for motorbikes and ATV’s, as well as a five-mile ATV trail throughout the property. 

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Western Trails

If you are new to ATV riding or want to try out some new machines, check out Western Trails near Oakland in Western Maryland.

In addition to horseback rides, they now offer off-road ATV rentals and offroad side-by-side tours.

This ranch is family-owned and welcomes all experience levels. At certain times of the year, they also offer hayrides and pony rides for kids, and they are open year-round.

While there certainly aren’t a ton of ATV trail systems in Maryland, there are definitely enough to keep you occupied for a few days!

Do you have a favorite Maryland ATV trail?

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