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Stir Up Some Fun At One Of These 13 Audacious ATV Trails in Ohio

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In Southeast Ohio along the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, recreational ATV riding enthusiasts will find the largest concentration of ATV trails in Ohio. In this Ohio ATV trail guide, you will find some of the best ATV trail systems in Ohio as well as where to stay when visiting Ohio for an ATV vacation.

atv trails in Ohio

Where are the Best ATV Trails in Ohio?

There are plenty of Ohio ATV trails and parks throughout the Wayne National Forest to enjoy.

In addition to the ATV trails located in the southeast region of Ohio, ATV riders can also find a smattering of ATV parks and trails along lake Erie to the northeast as well as a few choice locations to ride ATVs in Ohio in the northwest area and bordering the state of Indiana.

We will first explore the southeastern region of Ohio where the bulk of the ATV trails and parks are found and then offer a few suggestions for ATV riding throughout other areas of Ohio.

Ohio ATV Trails

Wayne National Forest ATV Trail Systems

The majority of Ohio ATV trails are located in the southeastern part of the state in the Appalachian foothills within the 72,843 acres of Wayne National Forest.

There are 145 miles of trails located in Wayne National Forest which are open from mid-April to mid-December each year.

The 4 major trail systems are divided into two distinct areas as follows.

Athens Ranger District- Athens Area

The Athens Ranger district is located 70 miles southeast of Columbus, OH and is home to the Wayne National Forest welcome center.

Monday Creek OHV System

The Monday Creek OHV System within the Athens Ranger district has 75 miles of OHV trails on 8 different trails.

  • Monday Creek Trailhead
  • Sycamore Trailhead
  • Elm Trailhead
  • Scarlet Trailhead
  • Red Oak Trailhead
  • White Oak Trailhead
  • Long Ridge Trailhead
  • New Straitsville Trailhead

The trails are open to OHV and mountain bike riding and require a permit. The trail system is open from April 15-Dec 15 each year. In addition to a permit to ride these trails, all ATVs must have an Ohio registration.

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Ironton Ranger District – Ironton Area

There are three major ATV trail systems located in the Ironton Ranger District with more than 100 miles of ATV trails combined.

Hanging Rock OHV System

The Hanging Rock area of Wayne National forest consists of a 26 miles of trail by the same name (Hanging Rock Trail Head) which winds through an old strip mining area from the 1960’s and 70’s.

The badly scarred upland area offers a bit of a challenge for riders with its steep slopes. There are also 51 fishing ponds scattered along the trail which make it very picturesque.

Pine Creek OHV System

The Pine Creek OHV System consists of three trailheads with approximately 20 miles of trail.

  • Telegraph Trailhead
  • Wolcott Trailhead
  • Lyra Trailhead

Superior OHV System

The Superior OHV system has a 16.5 mile trail system.

Where Can I Stay Near Wayne National Forest?

Primitive (or Dispersed) Camping is allowed throughout the forest near the trailheads with the following common sense restrictions.

  • No campsite may remain for longer than two weeks
  • You must keep your campsite clean during your stay and upon departure
  • You must not obstruct others from using roadways and designating the trails

In addition to this primitive tent camping along the trailheads, there is also tent and RV camping available within the Forest.

Additionally, there is private ATV friendly lodging located in the surrounding area.

AirBnb Cabins Near Wayne National Forest

Campground Camping Areas In Wayne National Forest

RV Camping Areas

Private Lodging & Hotels Near Wayne Forest

The nearby towns of Logan, Athens, and Nelsonville, offer plenty of lodging options.

atv rentals in ohio

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ATV Riding in Hocking Hills, OH

If you head west from Wayne Forest toward Hocking Hills, OH you will find the perfect place to experience not only an amazing ATV riding experience, but also have ample places to stay, eat, and even more nature to explore on foot at Hocking Hills State Park.

In fact, if you are interested in ATV riding in Ohio and don’t own your own ATV, R Adventure Park in Hocking HIlls is the best place to visit in Ohio for the family to experience ATV riding.

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R Adventure Park

If you are new to ATVs or don’t have your own ATV to bring to Ohio for riding, then R Adventure Park is the place to go.

R Adventure park is the nation’s first ATV rental and training center for families. They offer 16 miles of trails on 80 acres with a guided trail experience.

The Hocking Hills area with plenty of cabins and luxury style lodging as well as Hocking Hills State Park for additional outdoor fun and hiking.

For more information on where to eat when staying in there area, check out this restaurant guide from our friends at Travel Inspired Living.

Scenic Trails Recreational Land

Just northeast of R Adventure park about 40 minutes you will find a private ATV riding area known as Scenic Trails Recreational Land.

They offer mostly one-way wooded trails over about 140 acres as well as some mud bugs and hill climbs.

Perry Forest ATV Park LLC

Head another 25 minutes further north and slightly west from Scenic Trails Recreational Land to Perry Forest ATV Park in New Lexington, OH.

Once an active coal mine, this area now offers 16 miles of ATV trails along with horseback riding and hiking trails.

Bear Creek ATV Trails @Bear Creek Amphitheatre

If you head still further northeast for two yours from the Perry Forest area, you will find Bear Creek Amphitheatre in East Sparta, OH. (15 minutes south of Canton, OH).

Bear Creek ATV Trails are about 1 mile east of the Bear Creek KOA campground and offer 26 miles of ATV trails with wooded areas, hill climbs, and creeks.

ohio atv riding

Pike State Forest APV Riding Area

If you head southwest from Hocking Hills, you will run into Pike State Forest APV (All Purpose Vehicle) Riding Area with about 20 miles of ATV trails and nearby camping at Pike Forest State Park.

Maumee State Forest

Looking to ride trails in western Ohio?

As you move west away from the Appalachian foothills, the ATV trail systems turn more to private ATV parks.

However, if you are looking for somewhere to ride your ATV in northwest Ohio, Maumee State Forest has 7 miles of designated trail to ride for free as long as you have an Ohio state registration for your ATV.

Pine Lake Raceway and Trails

Want to ride ATV’s near lake Erie in Northeast, Ohio? Check out Pine Lake Raceway and Trails.

While this ATV park is a raceway that’s been racing ATV’s since 1969 (Wow!?), they also offer some wooded trails on their 150 acres.

Tecumseh Trails

If you are looking to ride in East Ohio, Tecumseh Trails is located 1 hour east of Columbus and offers 65+ miles of trails on over 1000+ acres with plenty of hills, valleys, streams, and mud.

Renegade Ridge ATV Park

Located in Eastern Ohio in Bloomingdale, OH, Renegade Ridge ATV Park was founded in 2010. With over 25 miles of well marked and well maintained ATV trails, this is one that you won’t want to miss if you are in the area.

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