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13 Adrenaline Rushing ATV Trails In Virginia You Need To Ride

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Virginia is an ideal destination for recreational ATV riding thanks to its mountainous terrain and scenic views. Here are 13 ATV trails in Virginia that will take you on an exciting off road adventure.

Like it’s neighbor, Tennessee, off-roading in Virginia is an incredibly popular pastime, and it’s a great way to get outside with your family all through the year. Whether you’re just learning the ropes, or are looking for an extreme ATV experience, Virginia ATV trails have something for everyone.

ATV Trails in Virginia

Below you will find an overview of the most popular ATV trails in Virginia, as well as more obscure Virginia ATV trails and private ATV parks.

While not all trail systems in Virginia require helmets, if you plan to drive your off road vehicle onto the roadways in one of the many ATV friendly towns, VA state law mandates that all operators wear a helmet.

Read our review to learn more about the best adventure helmet for your off roading.

Spearhead Trails: The Largest Collection of ATV Trails in Virginia

With more than 400 miles of interconnected ATV trails crisscrossing Southwestern Virginia, the Spearhead Trail System is the largest in the state, and a recent connection with the Hatfield-McCoy Trails in West Virginia will make the system even more robust.

There are five systems of off-road trails in VA that are collectively known as the Spearhead Trails.

Spearhead Trails in Virginia are rated as easy (green marker), more difficult (blue marker), or most difficult (black maker), and all trails are open from dawn until dark. Every rider and passenger must have a valid Spearhead Trails user permit sticker when utilizing the trail system.

2019 prices are $15 per day or $50 for an annual pass. For a complete overview of the Spearhead Trails rules and regulations, visit the Spearhead Trails website.

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VA ATV Trails within the Spearhead Trail System

Mountain View Multi-Use Trail: Best Off-Roading in Virginia for Beginners

Located in Wise County, Mountain View trails provide more than 100 miles of beginner and intermediate trails, as well as some exhilarating OHV trails for expert riders.

The trails begin in either St. Paul or Coeburn, which are both very ATV-friendly.

Both towns have great amenities for families, including lodging, shopping, and dining.

The Mountain View Trail is a multi-use trail designed for biking, hiking, and ATV use, with an additional 10 miles of single track exclusively for mountain bikes.

The terrain is mainly forested, at an elevation of 1,800 to 2,300 feet, with fabulous views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

For more information, check out this detailed Mountain View trail map.

Haysi’s Ridgeview ATV Trail System: For Wooded and Open Off Roading in Virginia

Featuring more than 75 miles of trails through woods and along open ridges, the Ridgeview trail system offers a great mix of routes for all experience levels and incredible views of the surrounding countryside.

The trailhead for the Ridgeview system is located outside the ATV-friendly town of Haysi, right next to Kiwanis Park.

Most of the trails in this system are hardpack and rated as easy to moderate. The trails also connect up with the Coal Canyon trail system, forming more than 200 miles of epic riding terrain.

While the town of Haysi is quite small, you will find a surprising number of campgrounds, cabin rentals, and hotels that cater to ATV enthusiasts.

For more details on this system, download the Ridgeview trail map.

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The Original Pocahontas (OP) OHV Trail: Great ATV trails in Virginia for families and beginners

This unique collection of OHV trails near the historic town of Pocahontas, Virginia, makes for a great weekend riding vacation for families.

The town features many ATV-friendly lodging options such as Campgrounds with ATV trails.

Be sure to check out the Pocahontas Exhibition Mine and Museum, which is a National Historic Landmark.

The OP trail system takes riders through deep woods on 73 miles of trails that are suitable for ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Horses and full-size SUVs are prohibited. Trails can be accessed from two locations, Boissevain Park and downtown Pocahontas.

To help plan your trip, check out the Original Pocahontas trail map.

Recreational ATV Riding Course

Coal Canyon: Miles of ATV Riding and a Trailside Campground

With more than 112 miles of trails crisscrossing 5,600 acres and easy connections to the Ridgeview trail system, Coal Canyon offers days of awesome ATV riding in Virginia.

The Coal Canyon terrain is mostly rated as easy, with little elevation gain, so it’s a perfect first adventure for families.

There are plenty of long-range viewing spots along the trail, and elk and other wildlife are abundant.

One of the biggest draws to the Coal Canyon trails is Southern Gap Outdoor Adventure — a full hookup campground and RV park with cabin rentals, ATV rentals, family-friendly activities, and guided tours.

Southern Gap is located at the Coal Canyon trailhead in the town of Grundy, Virginia.

For more details on the trails, check out the Coal Canyon trail map.

Stone Mountain: Best ATV riding in VA for Technical Riding and Awesome Views

The Stone Mountain system is in the town of Pennington Gap, Virginia, which is another ATV-friendly town with plenty of amenities for riders.

The trail system includes 32 miles of intermediate and expert trails, which are geared toward advanced riders.

The terrain is characterized as rugged and steep, but if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with numerous beautiful viewpoints, many with picnic tables and rest areas.

While camping isn’t permitted on the Stone Mountain trail system, you will find camping and recreational opportunities at Leeman Field Park, which is located at the trailhead in Pennington Gap.

The park currently offers 21 full-service RV spots and tent camping along the river.

Check out the Stone Mountain trail map.

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George Washington and Jefferson National Forests

George Washington & Jefferson National Forests OHV Trails

Located along the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests offer some of the most picturesque and remote ATV riding in Virginia.

OHV trail networks are located in the Glenwood-Pedlar Ranger District and the Lee Ranger District.

Here’s an overview of the off-road trails in VA within the national forest.

South Pedlar ATV Trail System

The South Pedlar system consists of 19 miles of hardpack trails with plenty of loops through dense woods and a few good views.

Most trails are rated as intermediate, but there are definitely enough beginner and expert trails to make it worth a visit.

The nearest town is Big Island Virginia, which is a small town with a single market and a few rustic lodges.

Special-use permits are required to ride the South Pedlar trails and can be purchased at the local ranger station or through the mail.  

This is a two-way trail system, open to bikes, ATVs, and motorbikes that are less than 50” wide.

Kids under 12 are not permitted to ride, and kids under 16 must have adult supervision.

Visit the National Forest Service website for more information.

With 40 miles of connected trails over two separate trail systems, the Peters Mill Run and Taskers Gap OHV area travel through dense woods with interesting terrain.

Jeeps and other full-size 4X4s are permitted on Peters Mill Run, which is a 12-mile, rocky trail with a few creek crossings.

Taskers Gap allows motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs, and provides another 28 miles of trail loops.

Trails are well-marked with maps along the trail, but be prepared for lots of rocks.

Peters Mill Run/Taskers Gap Virginia OHV Trails

The trails are closed from late January through late March to protect the trails from overuse during the freeze/thaw cycle.

Permits are required and can be obtained through local businesses in nearby Woodstock or Edinburg or through the mail.

There is very little information on the Forest Service website, but decent directions and reviews can be found on the Shenandoah County, Virginia website.  

Guided Trail Riding, Special Events, and ATV Parks in VA

Looking for something a little different for your ATV trail vacation in Virginia?

Perhaps you would like to have a guided tour similar to the one at Bluff Mountain Adventures in the Smoky Mountains.

These ATV parks in Virginia have a little bit of something for everyone.

Big Dogs Offroad: Gore, VA

Big Dogs Offroad partners with Cove Campground to create family-friendly offroading events throughout the year.

All Big Dog events include food vendors, showers, campsites, and access to a sandy beach and a shooting range.

Events include prizes, night runs, bonfires and more.

For more information, visit the Big Dogs Offroad website.

Moto Cove Offroading: Gore, VA

Another great for park for ATV riding in VA, Moto Cove features about 38 trails and is geared toward experienced riders.

Riding is available from 8 am through dusk, and no special permit is required. The terrain is rough, with lots of obstacles, boulders, and steep hills.

The trails are maintained by the Cove Campground, which also hosts the Big Dog events mentioned above.

Big Boys Playground: Harrisonville, VA

Big Boys Playground hosts an ATV event each month, mostly on Saturdays.

They also operate a 20’-wide soft track where riders can come and ride with an annual membership, and an 150’-long mudhole for the kids who haven’t grown up and are longing to play.

Trails crisscross the property and are perfect for many types of vehicles looking to get dirty.

For more on events and riding opportunities, check out Big Boys Playground.

Slades Park: Surry, VA

With 12 miles of well-marked trails on 300 acres, a separate Pee Wee track for kids, and a family-friendly campground, Slade’s Park is one of the most popular ATV parks in VA and an awesome destination for a weekend getaway.

Trails are mostly sandy, with berms and muddy bogs, and are open to ATVs, UTVs, and motorcycles.

A snack bar is open on weekends, and they also have parts and supplies available for sale.

Visit the Slades Park Facebook Page for more info.

Appalachian Adventures: Luray, VA

Appalachian Adventures is a complete outdoor guide service in the Appalachian Mountains near Luray, providing ATV instruction, lodging, trail rides, and ATV rentals in Virginia.

Experienced guides teach families the basics of ATV riding in the mountains, including obstacles, elementary maneuvers, and hill climbing.

One-hour and two-hour ATV expeditions can be booked for novice and expert riders.  

Appalachian Adventures properties are located adjacent to Shenandoah National Park and the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests.

For more on this great family destination, check out the Appalachian Adventures website.

No matter what you choose to hit the trails on — ATV, side-by-side, or a full-size OHV, there’s an ATV trail in Virginia with your name on it.

Overall, there are hundreds of miles of trails to explore in the Appalachians and nearby Smoky Mountains, as well as many ATV-friendly towns that make a perfect home base for your four-wheeling vacation.

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