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Where Can I Ride My ATV? [Best Places To Ride Your ATV In The Southeast]

You just bought a brand new (or new to you) ATV or off road vehicle and you are itching to find out where you can ride. We get it. As soon as we got our new toy, the first thing we wanted to search for was ATV trails near me. The good news is that if you live in the Southeast United States, particularly in the Appalachian Mountains, there are a ton of great places to ride ATVs.

Where can I ride my ATV?

Finding ATV Trails Near Me In Appalachia

The ATV trails industry is bursting at the seams and new ATV trails and parks are popping up all over the US, particularly in the southeast so chances are if you search.

This is especially true in the southeast where the economy that was once sustained by various mining industries has all but disappeared, and local communities are looking for new and exciting ways to create jobs and increase revenue to their towns.

Enter ATV Trails and Off-Roading Parks and Recreation and BAM a whole new cottage industry that caters to the outdoor speed-loving enthusiast is born.

Being an East Tennessee girl myself, I love seeing the beautiful Appalachian mountains while barreling down a dirt path with my family in a SxS ATV.

I’ve made it my mission to hunt out all the amazing ATV trails near me to check out.

Finding The Best ATV Trails In The USA

Once I started digging, I discovered that ATV riding is picking up all over the country.

We are especially enjoying a huge surge in new ATV trails in Appalachia.

Tennessee ATV Trails

Virginia ATV Trails

ATV Trails West Virginia

Pennsylvania ATV Trails

Ohio ATV Trails

Florida ATV Parks

Georgia ATV Trails

North Carolina ATV Trails

Alabama ATV Trails

Kentucky ATV Trails

New York ATV Trails

South Carolina ATV Trails

Maryland ATV Trails

GMAX ATV helmets

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Recommended ATV Trail Gear

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With all of us working together, who knows, you might even be inspired to hitch up the RV and trailer and take an ATV trail vacation to somewhere not so near you as well.

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What Does ATV Stand For?

According to the American National Standards Institute, an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is any motorized vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires with a seat straddled by the operator and has handle-bars for steering control.

However, the nomenclature ATV (also sometimes called OHV for Off Highway Vehicle) is also often applied to side by sides as well as three-wheelers, four-track, four-wheelers, and quadricycles.

For the purposes of our guides, we focus on any type of ATV trail that allows at least these types of vehicles.

In some cases, we will note if dirt bikes or jeeps are also allowed, but for the most part we are searching for places to ride SxS and four-wheelers either on a trail or in a park.

ATV Trails Near Me Stories

Here’s the list of ATV Trail Guides we currently have published.

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