Hiking Backbone Rock In Shady Valley Tennessee

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I recently enjoyed a pleasant outdoor date night driving with my husband through what is known as Shady Valley here in Tennessee. Adjacent to Damascus, Virginia and located in Cherokee National Forest in Johnson County is a man made tunnel known as Backbone Rock.  Hiking Backbone Rock is a fun and easy hike for nearly all skill levels.

According to the USDA Forest service,

“A tunnel was drilled through the rock in 1901 to allow railroad access between Shady Valley and Damascus, VA. Motorists pass through what is known as “The Shortest Tunnel in the World” as they travel along TN 133. In the 1930s The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) developed the recreation area for day use, constructing two picnic shelters and hiking trails that incorporated native stonework. The campground was added in the 1960s and rehabilitated in the mid 1990s.”