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How To Choose The Best ATV Goggles for Your Off Roading Adventures

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How do you know which ATV goggles to purchase for your recreational ATV riding? You may be tempted to think the only factor in choosing your ATV goggles is the price.

ATV goggles are an important safety accessory. You need to familiarize yourself with the various features so you can choose the best ATV goggles for your safety and comfort.

best atv goggles

What Features Do I Need To Look For When Purchasing ATV Goggles?

When choosing a pair of ATV goggles, there are several features to consider to ensure you purchase the best goggles for your needs.

  • Safety– Of course this is your primary reason for buying ATV goggles. You want as durable and impact resistant a lens as you can afford.
  • Visibility– In addition to safety, you want to consider the visibility you will have with your ATV goggles. You need to consider the following questions.
    • Do they have anti-glare?
    • Are they polarized?
    • How wide is your field of vision when you wear them?
    • What type of UV protection do they offer?
    • Are they tinted?
  • Comfort– Comfort is, of course, important. There are really only two sizes of ATV goggles: Adult and Youth. However, there are various adjustments and features which enable you to get a good fit. It is advisable to consider the size of your ATV helmet when purchasing your ATV goggles and read carefully reviews about fit for the ATV goggles you choose.
  • Riding Style– It is also important to consider where and how you ride your ATV most often. If you ride a lot in sandy or dusty conditions, you will want to consider a Sand ATV Goggle. If plan to do a lot of group ATV riding or riding on Adventure tracks where risk of rocks and debris hitting your face is increased, you will want to invest in high impact lenses.
  • Glasses- If you wear glasses on the trail, you will want to get an ATV goggle with an OTG feature (Over the glasses). This feature has a notch in the side of the goggles which allows room for your eyeglass frame and prevents pinching.
  • Parts Replacement– Finally, tear away, replacement, and the ability to switch from clear to tinted lenses is a nice feature. Entry level ATV goggles will not likely have this feature.

Entry Level ATV Goggles (Under $25)

Traditional motocross ATV goggles can be as low as $9.99 for an entry level ATV goggle to as much as $220 for the top of the line ATV goggles. The following basic features are typical for your lower priced entry level goggles.

  • Single layer of foam
  • Clear lens made of Polycarbonate (lower grade material)
  • Adjustment Strap
  • Some have a nose piece and some don’t

Best ATV Goggles under $25

Where Do You Ride Your ATV?

You need to consider what type of recreational ATV riding you will be doing the most.

  • Are you mostly riding on trails alone or with a group?
  • Do you ride more on tracks and in mud?
  • Do you ride in sand/dust a lot?

Track & Trail Riding Goggles

If you plan to do a lot of adventure track riding and trail riding (especially with groups), need to ensure you buy a goggle with a High Impact lens to ensure maximum protection.

Many newer model ATV goggles are installing a Precurved Injectable lens as opposed to the Lexan Lens which is flat if you were to lay it on the table. This precurved lens is more durable and less likely to shatter if smacked by debris or rocks.

These are our picks for the best ATV goggles for the best performance and features.

Top Pick ATV Goggles Under $50

Best ATV Goggles for Dust

If the majority of your ATV riding is going to be on the in sandy or dusty conditions such as in the sand dunes of Utah or along a dusty track in south Florida, you will need to get an ATV goggle made for sand.

The price can run from as lost as $30 to as high as $100 depending on the features, but you will want to be sure you are getting a good quality foam layer and tight seal to prevent dust and sand from getting into your goggles. All Sand ATV goggles also come with tinted lenses as the brightness of sand can be blinding when on the trail.

These goggles have special features which make them better equipped to keep fine dust and sand out of your eyes.

  • Thicker and more dense intake foam prevents dust from getting behind the lenses.
  • Tinted lenses for daytime riding because the sand is bright and can cause blinding when you are riding.

Sand ATV goggles do tend to be a bit more expensive than your run of the mill ATV goggles. This makes sense because of the added features, however, there are some affordable Sand ATV goggles.

Best Sand ATV Goggles Under $50

Recreational ATV Riding Course

Sand ATV Goggles Under $100

What is your favorite ATV goggle? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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