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Best Awning Lights for Camper

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RV camping takes on a whole new level of enjoyment with the addition of the best awning lights for camper. Let me give you my favorites and trusted ones so you can start shopping.

Not only do they illuminate your outdoor space, creating a warm and inviting ambiance, but they also add an element of safety and convenience. Selecting the right awning light can enhance your camping experience, turning night-time into an extension of your joyful outdoor activities.

Best Awning Lights for Camper
Best Awning Lights for Camper

I have rounded up some choices that you might want to consider when choosing the best awning lights for camper so keep reading!

Can You Use Regular Lights In A Camper?

Yes, you can use regular lights that you may have bought from your local hardware or even from Amazon in your camper. However, standard light fixtures can drain the battery easily.

Camper lights are designed to use less power so that they don’t drain the battery as quickly.

In this light, you may want to invest in some LED lights. They use less power and last longer than regular light bulbs.

Plus, they don’t produce as much heat, so they’re safer to use in a camper.

Best Awning Lights for Camper
Best Awning Lights for Camper

You don’t have to look any further if you’re looking for awning lights to put on your canopy. Below are our top picks for the best awning lights for RV campers.

Best Awning Lights for Camper

How do you attach lights to a camper awning?

Attaching lights to a camper awning can add ambiance and functionality to your outdoor space. Start by selecting an outdoor-rated light string that suits your style and the length of your awning.

Some people prefer festive, colorful lights while others opt for warm white for a more restrained and elegant look. For actual attachment, you have several options.

  1. Awning Clips: These are plastic or metal clips that slide into the groove of the awning’s roller tube. Once in place, you simply clip the light cord into them.
  2. Hook and Loop Tapes: Attach one side of the tape to the awning and the other to the light string. The hook and loop mechanism will hold the light string in place.
  3. Magnetic Hooks: If your awning is metallic, you can use magnetic hooks to hang the light strings.

Remember to use an outdoor-rated extension cord to power the lights, and always take down the lights before retracting your awning to prevent damage.

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