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Finding Success Online With The Best Blogging Courses For Beginners

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Juggling your time between mom, wife, homeschool teacher [or insert your other hats], as well as an entrepreneur can be an extreme hurdle. It is important that you choose the best blogging courses for beginners when you are starting out so you can hit the ground running.

One of the biggest hurdles you will have to overcome as a mom, beginning blogger, and entrepreneur, is learning how to divide your time and be strategic. Running an online business takes time which isn’t a commodity that many moms have just lying around.

Moms are always strapped for time and always struggling to manage our time. Learning how to use your time wisely is a great skill. When it comes to learning how to blog and market your blog, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can learn all you need to be successful without investing in some training.

If I had it to do over, I would definitely take the following blogging courses for beginners from the very first day I began blogging.

Best Courses for Beginning Bloggers

Blogging Courses For Beginners Save You Time & Money

The first lesson you NEED to learn and put into practice is that TIME IS MONEY. You might find everything you need for FREE online, but how much TIME will it cost you?

If you want to save yourself some time right now, skip straight to the #1 Course I recommend for beginning bloggers: Influencer Society! It took me nearly three years on my own to get the same amount of traffic to my blog that I got in JUST 3 MONTHS after joining Influencer Society.

Here is my testimony on why I recommend this course as the best course for beginning bloggers. If you want to find success right out of the gate, join the Influencer Society.

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There is a lot of FREE CONTENT online. In case you haven’t noticed, just about anything and everything you could ever want to learn is online and it’s FREE.

Naturally, as a beginning blogger just starting a new business that isn’t generating any money, the temptation to “self teach” is tremendous. The process goes something like this,

“I don’t need to shell out xyz for that blogging course, I can just listen to the podcasts, dig up some FB groups, and read their blogs. Surely, they aren’t sharing anything I can’t find for free online.”

You are right.

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In most cases, I have found that is true that you can find the information you need somewhere on the internet for FREE.

There is only one problem with that mindset.


In many cases, the blogging course creator has already been there. They have already taken other blogging courses, walked the walk, or been in a corporate setting and learned the game. The better questions to ask yourself are,

“How much am I worth?”

“How much is my time worth?” and

“Will taking this course push me closer to my goals faster or with a more enduring result?”

Here are the steps you need to take now.

  1. Write down what you want to make.
  2. How many hours a week do you have to make that?
  3. Divide the money you want to make by the hours. This is how much you need to generate per hour to achieve your goals.
  4. Where do you need to spend your time in order to make the things happen to make that money?

Once you answer these questions, you will quickly realize that if you spend your 2 hours or 4 hours or whatever per day trying to find the answers you need for FREE, then you won’t have the time left to actually implement what you learn.

In the famous words of Andy Griffith, “Take the course, Aunt B!”

Just do yourself a favor and take the course!

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Tip #2: Know your Goals

Have I convinced you, yet? Good!

Now, before you can decide which beginner blogging course is right for you and which course you need to take first, you need to first know your goals.

Here are the things you need to succeed as a blogger.

  1. Traffic– You NEED people coming to your site. I don’t care if you are looking to make money by using Ads, Affiliate marketing, or your own products. None of this can happen without traffic.
  2. Email– You NEED an email list. This is something I have come to learn the hard way. You can kill yourself getting that blog post to the #1 position and you absolutely should work for that, but Google can change the rules and in 1 day, that traffic is gone. You own your email list. That is where your biggest fans will reside: Not on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, but in your inbox.
  3. Money– You NEED money! In order to get money, you need to decide what revenue streams you want to pursue. I recommend choosing and focusing on one at a time. If you want to make money on ADS, then you need to focus primarily on traffic so you need a course to teach you how to do that. If you want to sell digital products, then you need a course to teach you how to create them and then you need to learn how to get traffic to buy the product. If you need to learn how to start a blog, then you need a course to teach you the basics.

Tip#3- Choosing the Right Course

Now that you know what your goals are, you can better choose which blogging courses for beginners are the best.

The ironic thing is that what I recommend is actually the opposite order in which I took these courses, but hindsight is always 20/20, right?

Here are the courses I recommend for every new blogger to achieve success right away. This is also the order in which I believe you ought to consider taking them.

I recommend you only take on one beginning blogger course at a time, with one exception.

Influencer Society by Learn To Blog Hangouts is a course as well as a Mastermind group. In addition to the course material provided, you will be enrolled in a group filled with other bloggers where you can find the support and encouragement you need to continue every day. It will help you achieve the success I know you desire.

Course #1: Learn To Blog Hangouts with Kelli & Crystal

Kelli & Crystal at LEARN TO BLOG HANGOUTS is absolutely where you should start. As I have already stated above, this is 1st course you should take. In fact, do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and skip the courses and just join the Influencer Society!

The cart for Influencer Society isn’t always open, however, but you should definitely get on the waiting list. I would recommend purchasing their Dominate The Search Engines book bundle while you wait or taking a look at their other course options listed below.

Other Products and Courses To Consider By Learn To Blog Hangouts


Course #2: Pin Practical Masterclass

PINTEREST- Second to learning HOW TO BLOG is HOW TO GET TRAFFIC using Pinterest.

Look, you need traffic and you need it yesterday!

Pinterest is the fastest and best way to get it, but you need to learn the tricks. Again, you can learn a lot of this free, but Monica is going to give you the quick and the dirty for how to get the traffic and HOW TO GROW YOU EMAIL LIST with Pinterest.

Once you get a handle on how to drive traffic to your blog using organically and grow your email list, check out these other great courses on how to drive traffic to a product, how to use Pinterest to up your Affiliate game, and how to create Sales Funnels that convert.

Pin Practical Masterclass
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Other courses and Freebies from Redefining Mom:

Course #3: Building Blog Freedom with Digital Nomad Wannabe

KEYWORD RESEARCH AND SEO- You will get a lot of this in Influencer Society so I put this course as my final recommendation. You may find you don’t need it, BUT, I will say that Building Blog Freedom from Digital Nomad Wannabe was the first course that enabled me to actually generate revenue online and helped me to get my first buying guide to #1 on Google.

That buying guide CONSISTENTLY generates $200-$300 in commissions per month for my site and has has generated over $4000 in commissions since it’s publication in 2018!

One of the best things about Sharon’s courses and group is that she is always running free challenges so if you want to get your feet wet, sign up for one of her FREE 7 Day challenges, but again, I will repeat what I said before. TAKE THE COURSE! If you want to get our feet wet, then try the FREE challenge, but don’t stop there. Don’t try to build your blog on all free content or you will be pulling your hair out before you ever see your first dollar.

Other courses and Free Challenges offered by Sharon at Digital Nomad Wannabe:

If you are looking to find success with your blog, I highly recommend these three courses be where you start.

Grammarly Writing Support

Additional Resources I Have Found To Be The Best For Achieving Blogging Success

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