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Best Boating GPS Of 2023 [Buying Guide]

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Looking for the best boating GPS? In this boating resource guide, we’ll review five of the best boat GPS units this 2023.

Today, thanks to modern advancements such as GPS, people across any body of water can determine their exact location and safely travel towards their destination. In this article, we dive into a comprehensive boat GPS buying guide, which includes how to decide which model is best for your needs.

boat gps
Best Boating GPS

Boating is fun, and the journey, as they say, is part of the adventure. But the adventure should be about enjoying the scenery along that journey, and not wondering if you are going to hit an obstacle or doubting if you’re going to arrive safely to your destination.

If you have a boat then you certainly need the best boating GPS to accompany you on your adventures.

How To Choose A Marine GPS?

Here are some factors to consider before purchasing your Boat GPS.

Maps and Charts

This is the first and most basic thing you should consider when choosing the best bating GPS on the market. Just like in choosing your RV GPS, you should pay attention to the maps and charts that are loaded into the GPS device. Ensure the map bodies of water you will be traveling to are included on the device. You wll also want to chose a GPS that allows you to add maps and has enough memory or a micro SD slot.


If you’re using your boat GPS for watercraft such as kayaks, canoes, or jet skis, it’s ideal to get a smaller GPS that you can easily transport and store in smaller spaces. For larger boats or watercraft or longer navigation trips, you may wish to choose a heavy-duty device that you can directly mount onto your boat.

Best Boating GPS
Best Boating GPS


The screen size and resolution are important because no matter how accurate your boating GPS is if you can’t see it properly then what’s the point? Make sure that the GPS you choose is clear enough for you to see in direct sunlight as well as while wearing polarized sunglasses.  

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Choose a marine GPS device with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that can connect to multiple satellites so you’ll receive fast, accurate, and reliable information no matter where you are located.


Not all boating GPS devices are built with waterproof materials, however, choosing a device that is waterproof could be to your advantage. Even if you’re traveling on calm waters it is best to get a boating GPS that is durable to withstand different weather conditions and won’t be damaged with a single splash of the water.

Best Boat GPS

Boat GPS surely makes a world of difference to the overall enjoyment of your trip. If you’re looking for the best boat GPS, heads up! We’re here with some of the best units this 2023.

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