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Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer: 2022 Buyer’s Guide

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Bunkhouse travel trailers are a popular choice for entry-level seasonal RV campers as well as full-time families looking for extra space for the kids. Here’s our pick for the best bunkhouse travel trailers to fit any budget and travel style.

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best bunkhouse travel trailer

What Is A Bunkhouse Travel Trailer?

A Bunkhouse Travel Trailer or simply bunkhouse RV is a type of recreational vehicle that is towable and has a floor plan that includes bunk beds in it. Bunkhouses can contain double, triple, or quad bunks; it totally depends on how much space you need for camping. Bunkhouses come with floor plans of different lengths and layouts that are perfect for both a luxurious camping style and for those who prefer simpler and modest camping. 

What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying A Bunkhouse Travel Trailer?

To help you make the best decision, here are some of the factors you need to consider when buying bunkhouse travel trailers. 

Weight & Tow Vehicle Capacity

It’s necessary to know the towing capacity of your vehicle because this will determine the maximum amount of weight that your vehicle can tow. When looking for a bunkhouse travel trailer, narrow your searches down to trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) below your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity. 

How Many People Will Be Sleeping 

An obvious factor to consider is, of course, the number of people that will be sleeping inside the travel trailer. You would want to choose a large enough trailer that can comfortably accommodate all the people that need to sleep inside. Several units on the market are spacious and can accommodate large families so you won’t have to convert other areas of the trailer to a sleeping space.   

Brand New Vs. Used Units

Depending on your preference and budget, you can get either brand new units or choose units that are used. There are some advantages and disadvantages with each option, make sure you choose what works best for you.

New Bunkhouse Travel Trailer

Pros: Manufacturer’s Warranty, You can choose the exact Travel trailer you want, no previous owner

Cons: Premium price

Used Bunkhouse Travel Trailer 

Pros: Lower price, Issues may already be fixed by the previous owners

Cons: Possible that it may have other hidden issues, Previously owned, limited options

Remember to make thorough research before you buy a brand new or used bunkhouse travel trailer.  


On average, trailers can go for as low as $10,000 and can even reach up to several hundred thousand dollars depending on the layout/floor plan and the overall quality and features that come with the trailer. Used trailers can be a good option if you’re on a limited budget, but keep in mind the pros and cons of getting one.

Size of Trailer

Height, width, and length should be considered when choosing the best bunkhouse travel trailer. 

Bunkhouse trailers usually require more length than non bunk models, and more length means more space, but also keep in mind space it will need for parking and RVs below 25 feet in length are welcome in 93% of America’s national park campgrounds but and as the length increases your travel options can also be limited.

The height and width should be considered as there are still bridges and tunnels that are not designed with a large RV in mind. Always know the measurements of the trailers before buying.

What Are The Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers?

Family camping is fun and exciting, but once you realize how small your living space will be, it kind of spoils the mood, right? There’s no need to worry because there are so may bunkhouse travel trailers out there that are perfect for couples, families and even to empty nesters. You just have to do some research of what fits best for you. We’ve rounded up the best bunkhouse travel trailer on the market to help you pick the right one.

Keystone Passport Travel Trailer

keystone passport bunkhouse

Rent the above Keystone Passport from Outdoorsy.

Keystone has been in the industry for many years now and has been consistently producing Recreational vehicles to make camping safer, comfortable, and convenient. Thor Industries, Inc. acquired Keystone in 2001 and continued to manufacture all sizes and types of towable RVs from fifth wheels and travel trailers to ultra-light models.

The Keystone Passport is one of the best bunkhouse travel trailer on the market and has been favored by many campers since its release. It offers comfort, convenience, and efficiency with its durable and lightweight construction. Passport travel trailers come in a variety of models, floor plans/layouts that are perfect for couples or families. The exterior is built with welded aluminum framed sidewalls and seamless and laminated gel-coated exterior walls. It has a 2 inches thick laminated aluminum framed floor that is very sturdy. The interior includes features and amenities like a U shaped dinette, large dining area, a space for Flatscreen Tv and a queen-sized bed, plus large freshwater, grey and black tanks


  • Very sturdy flooring
  • Comes in different layouts
  • Smart Floor Plans
  • Large enough space
  • Can fit queen size bed
  • Insulated undercarriage 
  • A dual wardrobe is convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design


  • It is quite pricey if you only need basic amenities

Dutchmen Coleman Lantern Series

Rent from Outdoorsy

Coleman is one of the most famous manufacturers of high-quality, comfortable, and efficient recreational vehicles and camping accessories. Nowadays Coleman produces travel trailers that are perfect for both experienced and entry-level RV enthusiasts. Travel trailers by Coleman come in many models and layouts which are great for camping families, couples, and empty-nesters, and one great thing is that they produce coaches that are more budget-friendly as compared to other brands. 

The Coleman Lantern Series is built to be lightweight and packed with awesome features that make camping comfortable and convenient for everyone in the family. Made from durable materials and top-quality construction, backed by a great warranty and aftermarket support, this travel trailer deserves to be on top. 

Some of the features included in the conventional Lantern series are fiberglass front cap, fully enclosed underbelly, pass-thru storage areas, aluminum framed exterior, Interior heights of 82 inches, Large capacity water tanks, outdoor/indoor kitchen, and interior power command center.


  • More Budget-friendly
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • Functional and smart floor plans
  • Option of having an indoor or outdoor kitchen
  • Easy to set up and get them ready for the road
  • Sturdy and spacious 
  • Best for occasional or seasonal campers
  • Lightweight


  • Getting the warranty-approved is a bit of a problem for some owners.
  • It May not be the best for full-time campers

Jayco Jay Feather

Rent this Jayco Jayfeather from Outdoorsy

Jayco is one of the top-selling brands that manufactures high-quality, affordable, and comfortable travel trailers that come in many layouts and smart floor plans. Jayco Jay Feather travel trailers include lightweight models that range from 3,195 to 6,425 pounds that are built with hard walls and tent beds perfect for camping families and couples. 

Every single model of the Jayco Jay feather travel trailer is made from an American-made Norco frame that includes an integrated A-frame that runs through the mainframe which stops the hitch from buckling. It offers a fully packed interior that includes residential-style kitchen countertops, high-density dinette cushions with vinyl backing, a fridge, stove, bathroom at the rear, and residential vinyl flooring with cold crack resistance for long-lasting use. You can also choose a bunk floor plan that offers a set of single bunks, double bunks, or a completely separate bunkhouse. 


  • Lightweight and tows well
  • Comfortable living space
  • Spacious enough for basics amenities
  • Functional layouts
  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • High-quality material and construction
  • More aerodynamic
  • Can fit up to 10 people depending on the floor plan


  • Issues with Jayco’s poor customer service

Winnebago Minnie 2455

Rent the above Winnebago Minnie from Outdoorsy

Known for producing high-quality travel trailers, Winnebago Industries is truly committed to delivering Recreational vehicles that stand the test of time. The company first and foremost considers what the RV community needs and demands and from there make improvements and develop features that work best to make a more comfortable and convenient camping experience for everyone. 

The Minnie 2455 bunkhouse travel trailer offers a variety of functional and fun floor plans that cater to every camping style. This lightweight and easy-to-go travel trailer is made with an eye-catching exterior that is available in 6 vibrant colors with a high gloss fiberglass finish that creates a more modern appeal. Its airy interiors also come in different designs, one of which is the Stone decor interior with whitewashed woods which has a beach vibe. The Minnie 2455 is perfect for any camping enthusiast, and offers features and amenities such as a rear corner bath, double bunk beds, outdoor kitchen, stainless-steel sink, large U-shaped dinette, and has a private master bedroom.


  • Compact
  • Easy to tow and park
  • Lightweight
  • Tows well in different terrains and conditions
  • Striking and fun exterior
  • Fun layouts and floor plans
  • Spacious and even has a private master bedroom


  • The height of the bunk beds may not be comfortable for taller people

Starcraft Mossy Oak

Starcraft has been around since 1903, they first started as producers of metal farm implements and it is in 1968 that they finally broke into the RV marketplace Over the years they built a reputation as a company that manufactures high-quality recreational vehicles tailored for each camping style. Their excellent craftsmanship is evident in each recreational vehicle they produce, they also build one of the most spacious travel trailers there is on the market. 

The Mossy Oak is one of the most popular models made by the brand and is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors and total adventure seeker. Most of the units include Fiberglass Insulation, flexible gas Lines, stainless steel appliances, a fully walkable magnum roof system, a sealed moisture barrier on the floor and features solar compatibility as well. 

With top-quality materials and impressive construction, the Starcraft Mossy Oak is built to last for many years. 


  • Large space
  • Made from top quality materials
  • Excellent construction
  • High quality and durable appliances and fixtures
  • Perfect for a larger family 
  • Tons of storage space


  • Pricey
  • A bit heavy compared to other travel trailers on the list

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Keeping Your Travel Trailers Secure

Travel trailers are no exception to the prying eyes of thieves. They may take some important things inside or worst-case scenario, take the whole trailer leaving you stranded along with your valuables. Although this may be alarming, you can always do something about it. Here are some clever ways to keep your motorhomes secure and safe.

  • Install good and reliable RV security system
  • Use hitch lock or coupler lock to prevent thieves from attaching your trailers to their truck and then take off.
  • Use wheel locks or clamps, it is an instant visual deterrent for thieves and you might see this being used by police officers on illegally parked cars. You can completely immobilize the trailers if you place these on the tires.
  • When storing your travel trailers, keep them in your garage or a place that you feel will be secured. Avoid parking it in empty spaces where it is out in the open most of the time.
  • When parking, if possible place the rear door of the trailer close to a wall or any permanent structure to make it even harder for thieves to steal it.
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