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21 Best Camping Hacks To Make You A Champ At Camp

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Camping comes with its own set of challenges, but there are plenty of clever ways to make it easier. Here are some of the best camping hacks for making your outdoor trips more enjoyable.

Knowing a few simple tricks can help you save time, money, energy, and improve your overall experience. From meal planning ideas to gear storage solutions, you can rely on this list to help you make the most out of your camping trips.

Best Camping Hacks
Best Camping Hacks

Camping is one of the most fun outdoor activities you can do with the whole family. Who doesn’t love eating BBQ’s and taking in nature while sitting around the campfire?

Want to know a few tricks to make camping even more relaxing? Check out these expert campers’ best camping hacks to make camping a breeze!

How do I make camping not boring?

There are many ways you can make camping more fun and exciting for you and the whole fam.

For those who enjoy sports activities, you can do activities such as hiking, biking, disc golf, Spelunking, soccer, lawn bowling, and so much more. 

For the Nature lover, you can do Animal/Bird watching, camping scavenger hunts and you can also teach your kids about different bugs and wild berries that you can find on various campgrounds. 

For those who enjoy more laid-back camping you simply swing in a hammock, take naps and listen to nature.

You can also make camping night more enjoyable by making shadow puppets for the kids, playing board/card games, studying the stars, storytelling, singing campfire songs, and trying out new varieties of s’mores.

What Are The 10 Essentials For Camping?

Dating back to the 1930s the “10 Essentials” is made by The Mountaineers which is a Seattle-based organization for climbers and outdoor adventurers to people be more prepared for outdoor emergencies. 

Here are the “Ten Essentials”

  1. Navigation: map, compass, altimeter, GPS device, personal locator beacon (PLB), or satellite messenger
  2. Headlamp: plus extra batteries
  3. Sun protection: sunglasses, sun-protective clothes, sun hat, and sunscreen
  4. First aid including foot care and insect repellent (as needed)
  5. Knife plus a gear repair kit
  6. Fire matches, lighter, tinder, and/or stove
  7. Shelter carried at all times (can be a light emergency bivy)
  8. Extra food Beyond the minimum expectation
  9. Extra water Beyond the minimum expectation
  10. Extra clothes Beyond the minimum expectation
Best Camping Hacks
Best Camping Hacks

Camping can be an enjoyable experience for everyone. But it can also be difficult and overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools and tips to make your trip easier.

Fortunately, there are plenty of clever hacks that experienced campers use to make their trips more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Best Camping Hacks

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