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5 Best Kids Hydration Packs In 2023

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Are you worried about dehydration when you go on hikes? Worry no more! In this outdoor gear guide, we have rounded up the best kids hydration pack to bring on your next hiking adventure.

We have learned a lot since we began hiking with our kids. One thing we learned immediately was that investing in gear that makes hiking easier for us and fun for the kids is well worth it.

Kids Hydration Packs
Kids Hydration Packs

After we purchased our Camelbak kids hydration packs, there was an immediate improvement in their stamina and overall attitude while hiking on the trail.

Everyone was excited to get their own personal hydration backpack and “snack stash,” and I, on the other hand, was more than happy to be relieved of carrying water for four people on the trail.

There are a few different options for kids’ hydration packs. Check out our review of the top kids’ hydration packs on the market.

How To Choose The Best Hydration Pack for Your Kids

Choosing the best kids hydration pack is subjective, if your kids are anything like mine, the only criteria that matter is whether it comes in their favorite color.

However, since the newness will wear off in time, here are a few questions to consider when evaluating whether a kid’s hydration pack is the right one for your kid.

  1. How heavy is the hydration pack?
  2. How many liters does the bladder reservoir hold, and will my child be able to carry it?
  3. Do we need additional storage or just a minimalist kids’ hydration pack?
  4. How easy is the hydration pack to fill with water?
  5. How likely is the hydration pack to leak?
  6. Will the hydration pack hold up to the demands of a small child?
hydration pack for kids
Kids Hydration Packs

If there is one item that will improve your kids’ hiking performance, it is a KIDS hydration pack!

Best Kids Hydration Pack

Check out our top picks for the best kids hydration packs.

One general word of caution with regard to any kids’ hydration pack, be sure to train your child NOT TO DRINK CONSTANTLY from their packs! Otherwise, you will hear, “I’ve gotta pee!” before hitting the trailhead!

We love our hydration packs and have found them to be an invaluable piece of gear on our hikes. 

Kids love having a special pack of their own, and parents love not having to lug extra bottles of water around in their own packs. By the way, mom has an Osprey Skimmer Hydration Pack and loves it!

Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping the kids going?

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