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Best Kids Hiking Clothes On The Market

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Hiking with the whole family is fun and exciting but it can also be challenging. One way to keep your kids happy and healthy while hiking is by choosing the right hiking clothes. Here are our top recommendations for the best kids hiking clothes for your next hiking adventure.

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Hiking With Kids

Hiking with kids is a great way to expose them to the outdoor life from a different perspective. Exposing kids even on a short outdoor hikes is great for their large and fine motor skills and overall development. 

Here are some tips you might need before hiking with kids

  •  A kid’s basic needs are not very different from adults: keep them fed, hydrated, and dry during the hike. 
  • Make sure to check the gear list, these are your food, water, first aid kits, clothes, sun protection, and other necessary items that you’ll need for the hike.
  • You might have checked the weather condition beforehand, but the weather can be unpredictable. Make sure that you get everything prepared in case of weather changes.

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How To Choose Kids Hiking Clothes??

Happy and comfortable kids outdoors make wonderful companions during hikes. Dressing kids in the proper hiking attire is the key to making them comfortable during the hike. Here are some awesome tips for choosing the best kids hiking clothes. 


As we have said, weather can be unpredictable, one minute you’re working up a sweat and then suddenly the clouds get dark and winds become cooler. It’s important to choose the best fabric that will work on specific weather changes.

Cotton: This would be perfect for the summer season. It’s comfortable to the skin but is not recommended for active outdoor activities. It absorbs water more which in turn loses its insulating capacity. It also takes quite a long time to dry up.

Wool: This is a well-known outdoor natural fiber, it provides warmth even when wet, and its waxy exterior makes it a great water repellant. It’s breathable, fast-drying, and odor-resistant. 

Synthetic Polyester and Nylon: Fast-drying fabrics and are a lot cheaper than clothes made of wool.


Always check for the durability of your kids’ hiking clothes. You must get clothes with good quality material so they won’t be damaged that easily while using them frequently during hikes.

Plus, durable materials are cost-efficient, imagine how much money you can save if you can pass down your older kids’ hiking clothes to the younger ones.

Easy to Wear 

It’s a struggle to put on any clothing on a kid that won’t stay still. It’s important to choose something that you and your kids can easily wear. Go for clothes that have easy to put on features like clothes with zippers and snaps. 


You don’t necessarily have to choose the most expensive set of clothes, but keep in mind that high quality clothing lasts longer and may be the best option.

To make the most out of your purchase, buy your kids hiking clothes with extra features that your kids can use to hold on to gear or hiking clothes that can be used for other outdoor activities or are expandable.

You can also buy clothes that are slightly larger than your kids’ size that way you don’t have to buy new ones very often. 


The fit of the clothes is also important because you don’t want to put them on very large or small-sized clothes that they might be very uncomfortable with. These can also be dangerous because they might trip wearing extra-long pants or get snagged on a tree branch because of loose clothing. 

How Should Kids Dress For Hiking?

Mixing and matching clothes to match the weather is a great idea especially during outdoor activities such as hiking wherein you can only bring limited sets of clothes for the kids.

Basic layering comes in three parts:

  • Base Layer: The layer closest to the skin should wick away moisture, be lightweight, and fast drying.
  • Middle Layer: These are the warm layers, retaining body heat so your kids won’t get cold easily. 
  • The outer layer: This layer serves as a protection against wind, rain, or snow. It should be made of materials that are waterproof, lightweight, durable, and breathable.

During Cold Weather Choose:

  • Polyester or wool undergarment
  • Fleece pants or jackets
  • Waterproof and breathable jackets

For Rainy Weather Choose:

  • Lightweight polyester or wool undergarments
  • Fleece and/or waterproof jackets

For Summer Weather Choose:

  • Synthetic or merino wool underwear
  • Quick-drying shirt and pants/shorts
  • Lightweight wind jacket

What Are The Best Kids Hiking Clothes?

To make everything easy for you, we’ve chosen the best kids hiking clothes on the market that are perfect for kids next hiking adventure. To make it more organized, we’ve divided them into categories. Be sure to check them all out!

Kids Hiking Trousers and Shorts

To keep kids dry and protected, it is essential to let them wear hiking pants or shorts that are lightweight, quick drying and offers protection from harmful factors like the sun's UV rays.

Kids Jackets

With the ever changing weather outdoors, it important to keep your kids warm and protected against cold wind and pouring rain.

Kids Hiking Shirts

Simple shirts or dress will do for a short or more laid back hiking trip with the kids. Easy to wear and comfortable attire is preferred on warmer days. Long sleeves options is also ideal to protect the kids when the weather gets too hot while hiking.

Other Hiking Accessories

Bringing kids when hiking is one memorable and exciting experience, but it’s not one without challenges. Getting them ready with the proper hiking clothes is one way to make the journey more safe and comfortable for the both of you.

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