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Best Pants for ATV Riding In 2022

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Believe it or not, even the pants you wear are important while recreational ATV riding. In this post, learn which are the best pants for ATV riding.

Sometimes, it seems people think ATVs are as safe as any car. However, most ATVs have more in common with a motorcycle than a car. Even if you are riding a Side by Side, your body is exposed to the elements around you and you are generally traveling at a high rate of speed.

It’s vital you take all the proper precautions with your gear to protect yourself in the event of an accident.

best pants for ATV riding

The proper ATV riding pants are crucial to protect your legs from skins, scratches, and burns.

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What to Consider Before Buying ATV Riding Pants?

Keep some of these key components in mind when making your purchase.

  • Durability– Durable material is key.
  • Weight & Flexibility- It’s important to choose pants that are made of lightweight and flexible materials for comfort and increased mobility.
  • Fit– Make sure to choose pants that fit nicely with extra room for movement.
  • Weather– Choose pants with lighter materials with great ventilation for warmer climates and thicker pants with waterproofing features for colder wetter environments.  
best waterproof ATV riding pants
Best Pants for ATV Riding

Top Picks For ATV Pants in 2022

Best Pants For ATV Riding in 2022

I highly recommend you wear full-length pants even in warmer seasons. Anything less will not provide adequate protection for your legs. 

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