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Best Pop Up Campers On The Market [2023 Buying Guide]

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Are you looking for a convenient and budget-friendly way to take your RV camping experience to the next level? Consider investing in one of the best pop-up campers on the market!

With their compact build and ease of maneuvering, pop-up campers make a great choice for the weekend warrior or smaller-sized family looking to get into tight campsites. Ideal for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without all of the extra weight, size, and cost of a traditional RV.

Best Pop Up Campers On The Market
Best Pop Up Campers On The Market

Recreational vehicles come in shapes and sizes, each uniquely designed for a particular function and camping lifestyle. From Class A motorhomes to fifth wheels, toy haulers, and pop-up campers, the list continues.

If you are looking for a step up from your tent camping or maybe downgrade to something easier to get into tight camping spots, check out our top picks for the best pop-up campers on the market and see why they are the best option for your camping style.

What Is A Pop-Up Camper?

A pop-up camper or a tent trailer is a type of recreational vehicle that can be collapsed into a smaller and more portable size for easy transport and storage when you’re on the road.

When fully set up, a typical pop-up can provide enough space for 3 mattresses and sometimes come with a small bathroom, kitchen sink, and dining area. 

Compared to other camping trailers, it is more lightweight, making it easier to tow, and is a cheaper alternative. 

Pros and Cons of Pop Up Campers

Pop-ups have many advantages, that’s why a lot of campers love to bring them on their camping trips. Here are the benefits and flop sides of getting a pop camper for camping.


  • Compact size and more lightweight than other travel trailers
  • Can be towed easily
  • More affordable and cheaper to maintain
  • Features like bathrooms, AC, fridge, the kitchen sink can fit inside
  • Easy to tow and you can hook it up to so many kids of vehicles
  • They can go to more areas where larger trailers aren’t allowed
  • A space to keep you warm on colder days and can be adjusted to keep you cool during the summer
  • More accessible to wider groups of people or campers.
best pop up campers
Best Pop Up Campers On The Market


  • You’ll need to exert effort when setting it up.
  • Larger pop-ups can be a bit expensive
  • Features like bathrooms or kitchen sinks or stoves are often reserved for the larger pop-ups.
  • Low-end pop-up campers are not enough to protect you against external elements like animals lurking around.

What To Know Before Buying A Pop-up?

When buying or renting a pop-up camper there are many things to consider. Keep this checklist on hand so you’re sure to get the best pop-up campers on the market that are suited for your needs.


Think about how much space you need. If you’re bringing the whole family, it’s much better to choose a pop-up that can accommodate a bigger number of people and have an area for the necessities as well. More space means more freedom to move around and let loose.  

Weight and Size

The towing capacity of your RVs is one thing to remember when buying a pop-up camper. Make sure that you’re choosing a pop-up that your vehicle can tow or else you’ll encounter problems on the road.

Larger vehicles like SUVs will typically have no problem towing any kind of pop-up campers but for smaller vehicles like minivans, your choices might be a little bit limited.

Small pop-up campers can weigh about 1500 pounds and the larger types can weigh up to 3000 pounds. Check your vehicle’s manual or research the towing capacity of the vehicles that you’re going to use.


To make camping more comfortable, make sure you know what you need. Specifically, the amenities that you want inside your pop-up campers. If you do not do well on extra cold or hot days then a pop-up camper with an AC or heater would be good.

Take note that amenities like your AC will need electricity to work so make sure that there is a power hook up on the site or if none, it’s good to pack RV generators.

Most of the time bathrooms and kitchen amenities can be seen in larger pop-up campers, so if you don’t mind spending more cash on your pop-ups then you can choose the larger option.

Materials And Construction

When buying a used pop-up camper, hard elements that make up the pop-up camper should be in good condition and are free from corrosion or damage. This goes the same with the canvas material, it should be durable and are damage-free. 

Lift System is Working Correctly

A pop-up camper wouldn’t be complete without its “pop-up” feature. Checking if the lift system is working properly is needed, especially when buying a USED pop-up camper. A malfunction in this system can cost you a lot, so be sure to check this feature.

Best Pop Up Campers

In this post, we'll look at some of the best pop-up campers on the market today. We'll explore their features and amenities so that you can make an informed decision when selecting your perfect camper. So let's get started!

What Are The Types Of Pop-Ups?

Depending on your camping needs, there are different types of pop-up campers. Listed below are the types of pop-up campers and their features.

  • Standard tent trailer- A tent trailer featuring a side that pops up to create more space for the trailer.
  • High wall pop-ups- It is built with higher sidewalls fit for residential height countertops and typically features a larger space.
  • Toy hauler pop-ups- It comes with an open cargo deck for transporting ATVs and alike
  • A-Frame- It has a smaller size compared to the others but is more durable and easier to set up.
  • Flip-out camper- Its roof transforms into a bunk when flipped and uses a tent roof in place of a hard roof.
  • Inflatable trailer-When setting up, you’ll need to put compressed air into the sidewalls and its roof
  • Road pop-up campers- it is built with a more rugged design and features a raised suspension. 
Best Pop Up Campers
Best Pop Up Campers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do pop-up campers leak when it rains?

Ideally No, it should not leak given that your pop-up campers are in good condition. Holes or tears on the roof or walls can lead to leakage. Some older models of pop-up campers can be prone to leakage so make sure you always check for these signs when buying or renting one.

Are pop-up campers insulated?

You can only expect basic insulation when it comes to pop-up campers so it’s better to use it in warmer states like Florida or use it during warmer seasons. But there are some ways you can improve insulation on these campers.

You can use portable heaters, insulated beds, or mattresses to keep you warm on colder days. You can also use Reflectix Inserts which is a type of insulation material that you can put on your pop-up camper windows.

Are pop-up campers safe in lightning?

Pop-up campers are not a safe place during lightning storms mainly because it is made up of fabric like materials.

But if a pop-up camper is the only option you have, make sure your camper is nowhere near a powerline or metal structures where lightning can strike. As much as possible do not touch anything that is metal inside the campers while a lightning storm is happening. 

What is the average life of a pop-up camper?

Pop-up campers tend to last for about 10 to 15 years. But with great care and maintenance, some people claim that they have used their campers for more than 15 years already!

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