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Best Shoes For ATV Riding in 2022: Buyer’s Guide

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What you wear on your feet for recreational ATV riding is important if you want to keep all those toes. If you are curious about the best shoes for ATV riding, this article will satisfy your inquiring mind.

The shoes you choose when riding are important pieces of off-roading gear and serve to protect your feet as well as prevent ankle and lower leg injuries.

After reviewing several pairs, we chose these top 3 pairs of riding shoes for trail riding in 2022.

ATV riding shoes
Best Shoes for ATV Riding

Whether you need to upgrade your current riding shoes or are considering your very first pair, here are some great options for you to consider.

In a hurry? Go straight to my #1 choice for ATV Shoes in 2022

What Shoes Should I Wear For an ATV?

When looking for a new pair of ATV shoes, keep these things in mind: 

  • There should be comfortable ankle padding on the inside of the boot
  • Leather material on the outer part, with reinforced leather plates to add strength to the back of the boots
  • Curved shin plates that are either made of composite or a curved plastic
  • Inner linings should keep water out of the boots
  • Steel inner plates 
  • Rubber soles at the button for good grip
  • Quick-release buckles, aluminum is better to prevent rust
shoes for ATV riding

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What are the Best Shoes for ATV Riding?

While riding, your tires can throw sticks, stones, and mud. If you choose shoes that don’t protect your feet, these airborne hazards can injure you. That’s why we recommend these three riding shoes to protect yourself.

The best shoes to wear on an ATV will provide adequate protection while still being comfortable to wear all day on the trail. Here are our top three picks for the best ATV shoes in 2022.

Top Three ATV Riding Shoes in 2022

  1. Fly Racing 2022 Maverik Boots– Best ATV Riding Shoes
  2. Alpinestars Sektor Shoes– Best ATV Shoes for Casual Riding
  3. Muckmaster Commercial Grade Rubber Boots– Best Shoes for ATV Mudding

Best Shoes For ATV Riding in 2022

Here is our full rundown of the features and pros and cons of each of ATV riding shoes.

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