Guide To Choosing The Best Shoes For Disney

Top Rated Shoes For Disney For Women, Men, & Kids- 2018

Have you ever wondered how many miles a person walks at Disney? We logged 27,000 steps on our very first visit to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! That is the equivalent to nearly 13 miles.  Our experience was not an exception, but the rule according to most people.   Choosing the right shoes to wear at Disney is as important as planning the best strategy to tour the park.  In this guide, we will address the most commonly asked questions when considering the best shoes for Disney World and give you some cute Disney shoe options for the whole family.

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How to use our Guide For Disney Shoes

As with all of our product guides, we try to make it easy for you to navigate the guide and find the information most valuable to you.

In the first section of this guide for Disney Parks shoes, use our table of contents to find the relevant sections and scan our comparison chart to quickly check rankings and prices on our top picks for the best shoes for Disney park hopping!

In our top 10 chart, you can  click on the stars to read the reviews and easily check the current prices by clicking the red word: CHECK on the right side of the chart.

In the second section of this guide, you will find another chart of completely adorable Disney shoes for adults as well as Disney shoes for toddlers and babies.  The shoes in our second section are cute and comfy shoes for Disney from great brands and with great reviews, however, they were not on the top 10 list simply because they didn’t meet out highest standards for rankings.

So what are the most comfortable shoes for Disney?

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Top 10 Most Comfortable Shoes For Disney

How We Chose Our Top 10 Shoes For Disney Parks

The shoes on our top 10 list have been tried and reviewed by a minimum of 1000 reviewers and many of them have been reviewed by more than 5000 people.  They have all met a minimum of 95% positive reviews in the top three tiers. That means that out of 1000 reviews only 50 reviewers found them unsatisfactory.  We are confident the shoes on this list are the best shoes to wear to Disney World or any Disney theme park. 

The one exception to this criteria are The UNISEX Crocs which only had a 94% ranking, but there were nearly 10,000 reviews on the Crocs.  You may or may not be a fan of Crocs, but there is no denying that they receive a tremendous amount of positive praise from a number of people including those who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

We had to purchase this adorable pair of Disney crocs while visiting Disney World when my youngest son began complaining that his tennis shoes were hurting.

You can imagine I paid a premium for it at Disney World, but those shoes became his daily wear shoe for almost two years.  I think we both cried when we had to admit they were too small

One final note about a few shoes that didn’t make the top 10, but came really close.

I suffer from  a bunion on my left foot and wide toe box shoes are my life saver, so if you have the need for a wider shoe, I can personally recommend the KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal (on the top 10 list) as well as the Keen Rose Sandal which didn’t quite make our cut based on reviews, but are extremely comfortable and make excellent walking sandals for Disney.

How to pick the most comfortable shoes for Disney

When evaluating the most comfortable shoes for walking around Disney, you want to take into consideration a few things.

Your shoes must be broken in! 

Do NOT buy brand new shoes any more than one week before your Disney vacation.  In fact, we would recommend a minimum of two weeks to allow ample time to break in your new shoes and ensure they will be comfortable throughout your vacation.  There is nothing worse than blisters on day ONE!!

To prevent and help with blisters and rubbing, be sure to pack some BodyGlide Foot Anti Blister Balm as well as some mole-skin.

Can you wear flip flops at Disney?

Absolutely!  There is no reason not to wear flip flops at Disney World. We’ve chosen a few of the best flip flops for Disney World in our top 10 list as well as a few runners up in our cute and comfy shoes for Disney list. Keep in mind, Disney is probably not the best place to decide to try a whole new type of shoe.  If you normally wear an athletic shoe while walking, hiking, or hanging out at the house, you may not want to try to sport a brand new cute pair of Disney flip-flops. However, I refer you to the recommendation above should you decide to venture out there: BREAK THEM IN!

Do you have to wear closed toe shoes at Disney World?

There are no rules forbidding open toe shoes on any of the Disney park rides, in fact, shoes that dry easily are recommended.  The only ride where you are required to remove loose fitting shoes is Soarin’, but that is as easy as slipping them into the basket provided under your seat.

How will the weather affect the shoe I should choose for Disney Parks?

Be prepared for anything! Don’t assume because Walt Disney World is in Florida or Disneyland is in California that you will only need flip-flops or sandals!  We have experienced everything from sweltering heat to scarf wearing winter coat weather in both the Florida and California Disney Parks. No matter which type of shoe for Disney you choose, consider one from at least two categories. Take a comfy and cute Disney shoe or flip-flip for those warm days, but also want that comfortable walking shoe for those cooler days. 

Now for the details!  Here is a break down of each of the shoes for Disney on our top 10 list. 

Skechers Performance Go Walk are the best walking shoes for Disney. They ranked very high in both the men’s and women’s categories.  The newer version 3 in the men’s slipped slightly under the rankings of the 2 version, but not by much. Statements like,

“Quite possibly the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn” and “These felt like bedroom slippers” are telling as to the comfort level these shoes provide.

The best reviews are always those Disney Park tried and true thumbs up! Read some of those here. 

  • Light weight slip-on walking shoe
  • Extremely cushioned using GOga Mat Technology. This  memory foam padding around heel creates an almost custom fit
  • May take a bit longer to dry than a sandal or flip-flop so pick those feet up when on Kilimanjaro Safaris!
  • Some complaints that the newest version is tighter, not as comfortable as previous models, and less durable.
Keen brand shoes are simply my favorite! As I mentioned earlier, I have pretty bad left foot bunion and I love to hike, so finding comfortable shoes with a wide toe box is a challenge.  I wrote a whole post about the best hiking shoes for wide feet and while Salomon’s remain my favorite trail shoe for wide feet, Keen’s have quickly become my favorite every day sandal.  The whisper sandals are incredibly comfortable and cute, but don’t take my word for it. Let the stats speak for themselves.
  • More than 7500 reviews with 96% in the top three tiers.  That means that only 300 out of 7500 gave Keen’s a less than 3 star review.
  • Over 3500 reviewers stated that their Keen Whisper Sandal was comfortable with more than 300 describing them as extremely comfortable

There were over 40 positive reviews about wearing Keen Whisper’s to Disney!  

Read all the positive Disney reviews here.
  • Extremely comfortable due to the great arch support and excellent natural contouring
  • Completely machine washable, versatile, and they get a 10 from us on cuteness factor
  • Can be some variation in sizing for certain feet types. We had to size up a bit to get a good fit for our wider toe box.
  • Among the few negative reviews, the consistent complaint was the threading was coming apart on some of the straps after a few weeks.

Unfortunately, none of the men’s Keens passed my steep review criteria, but the ECCO Men’s Yucatan Sandals have a tremendous amount of positive support behind them.  While we couldn’t find anyone who had worn them to Disney, we did read several reviews by hikers and those putting more than 30,000 steps per day, which is a pretty typical step count for a full day at Disney. 

  • Marketed as an “outdoor sandal” and designed for optimum milage and traction
  • Adjustable straps, rubber sole, and neoprene lining for comfort
  • Not water friendly
  • Some negative complaints about smell, but very few given the vast majority of reviews
  • Consistently complained that they run small so sizing may be a challenge

The Teva Women’s Tirra Athletic Sandal has an impressive 96% positive ranking from more than 7000 people. One reviewer says, “I bought seven pair.”  The adjustable straps, water freindliness, cute color options, and superior comfort make Teva Tirra Athletic Sandal the BEST Sandal for Disney among all the shoes we reviewed. Again, you can read about it for yourself here. There are more than 70 reviews raving about their Disney experience in these sandals.

  • Numerous color options
  • Run true to size according to most reviews we read
  • Adjustable velcro straps for great flexibility and comfort for those with wide toe box narrow heel or any other foot shape, rubber sole, compression molded mid-sole creates comfortable cushioning 
  • Some complaints with strap durability

The Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT Sandal is not nearly as popular as the women’s Teva Tirra sandal, but in the men’s athletic sandal category, it fared well with more than 96% positive reviews and nearly 700 reviewers stating these were comfortable sandals and worn on expeditions throughout Mexico, miles and miles of hiking, and, yes, they are comfortable sandals for Disney World according to one reviewer.

  • Variety of colors
  • Adjustable velcro straps for great flexibility and comfort for those with wide toe box narrow heel or any other foot shape, rubber sole, compression molded mid-sole creates comfortable cushioning
  • Some complaints with strap durability
  • Some complaints that velcro strap too long and has tendency to rub and/or pick up lint

Sanuk Yoga Sling

I’ll be up front and say this one surprised me. Nearly 9,000 people swear by their Sanuk Yoga Sling and many of my own personal Disney friends and Disney bloggers also recommend them.  I think I will be getting a pair for myself.

  • Tried and tested by nearly 9,000 reviewers with overwhelming 96% positive response
  • NUMEROUS colors to choose from
  • Machine washable
  • Very versatile in terms of foot size since the straps are fabric and form fitting to your foot
  • Typically true to size, though some complain of being too loose or too big (Keep in ind this is 20 people out of >8000)
  • If they get really wet, can take a bit to dry out and can stretch the straps too much