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The Best Ski Bibs For 2022

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That extra coverage, protection, and warmth of ski bibs go a long way, especially for backcountry pursuits. While bibs offer great advantages in the backcountry, they can easily turn into an oven without the right features.

In this guide we give you the low down on the best ski bibs on the market so you can make a wise and informed choice.

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Are Ski Bibs Better?

Here are three reasons why ski bibs may be a better choice than traditional ski pants.

Greater Protection From Elements

Ski bibs provide greater coverage and protection. They eliminate the gap between the bottom of your ski jacket and the top of your ski pants where it’s common for snow to creep in and make you uncomfortable. Additionally, they provide waterproof protection which also keeps you dry and warm. If you want to block the gap completely, choose a ski jacket and bib from the same brand such as this Outdoor Research jacket and bib pair

Added Storage

Another thing about ski bibs is that they offer more storage space compared to normal ski pants. Bibs usually come with multi pockets that can be used to store essentials and other gear.

More Comfortable

Since bibs don’t require belts, they are more comfortable to wear and give more freedom to move which is especially important when skiing. They also come with adjustable features for a custom and comfortable fit.

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How To Choose A Ski Bib?

When choosing a ski bib, here are some of the features you should look out for:


Bibs can definitely keep you warm but without proper ventilation, one can easily overheat. Make sure you look out for breathable materials and vents when choosing a ski bib. One good feature is full-side zippers that allow you to open up the bib from waist to ankle for full-on airflow. Another one is thigh vents like those found in Flylow Men’s Smythe Bib


Recent advancements in material technology make it possible to use waterproof material that is also lightweight. GORE-Tex material is great and offers weatherproofing capability. Also, bibs with DWR (Durable Water-Repellant) finish are great to keep you dry and should not weigh too much. 

Drop-Seat Capability

This is one of the most important features to consider because no one really wants to take off their entire bib when going to the bathroom. It is important that the bib you’ll choose would either have one or two full-side zippers that allow you to open up the back of your bibs.

Built-in Gaiters

To prevent snow from getting inside your boots, gaiters are a must. It’s better if you can find bibs with gaiters that have an excellent grip on the inside and have straps that you can adjust if needed.


Although pockets can be a personal preference, it’s always good to have some extra room for your necessities and other gear that you’ll need along the way. Multiple pockets strategically placed on ski bibs come in handy especially when you don’t want to bring backpacks that need to be taken on and off just to get some of your stuff. 

What Are The Best Ski Bibs?

Now that you know the criteria for finding a good pair of ski bibs, it’s now time to choose the ski bibs that suit you. We’ve reviewed some of the best ski bibs on the market to help you pick out the best ski bibs that are ready from light alpine tours to the most rugged mountain conditions. 

Best Ski Bibs

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