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Best Smokers For Camping

If you love the unique taste of smoked meats at the campground, you will love this RV Camping resource on the best smokers for camping.

These convenient smokers for camping will satisfy your cravings for smoked meat at the campground while making it super easy to still enjoy your downtime.

Best Smokers for camping

Lucky for you, we have all the resources you need on the best smokers for camping in this RV camping resource guide.

Camping Smokers

Smoking food has been one way of cooking meat ever since our ancestors discovered fire and it remained a dominant part of outdoor cooking up until now.

Simply speaking, the smoking process happens using low, indirect heat to cook our food and add flavor to them.

Although this principle hasn’t really changed over time, there are innovations in the way we smoke food other than the traditional way of using fire as the only heat source.

Best Smokers for Camping

Smokers for camping have been a huge help for camping individuals and families. Thankfully, smokers are more portable and require minimal storage space inside an RV, which is a big deal since space in an RV is definitely a luxury.

Different Types of Smokers

  • Gas( Propane) Smoker– Usually built in a vertical, cabinet-style design with a gas tank or bottle connected to the bottom of the chamber. These types of smokers smoke food with consistent temperatures but cannot produce smoke. Wood (chips or chunks) needs to be added to produce the smoke that gives the meat its smoky flavor.
  • Charcoal smoker– As the name suggests, uses charcoals as the heat source. This is the most common type of smoker that campers use. Although it requires more effort when using, campers still choose this type over the others because of the authentic smoky flavor that it produces.
  • Pellet Smoker– This is a smoker similar to a kitchen oven, to use it you need wood pellets that are fed/loaded to a firebox to produce smoke. They are easy to use and are thermostatically controlled.
  • Electric Smoker– Rather than an open flame, electric smokers use electricity as the main heat source. Since there is no fire, adding wood is required to produce smoke inside its cooking chamber. Unlike the other types of smokers, there is no need for you to monitor it constantly, all you need to do is put everything inside, turn it on, and let it do its thing. One main drawback is that you cannot get the authentic smoky flavor of the meat as most people say.
  • Offset Smoker– One unique feature of offset smokers is that the cooking chamber is shaped like a barrel. It is a two-part smoker, the main cooking chamber, and a firebox that has a top or side access door and an adjustable vent. It’s not the most portable type of smoker due to its bulky and large built but it can definitely cook for bigger crowds. It uses wood or charcoal as the main heat source to cook the meat.

Best Smokers

Smoker Hacks

Camping Smoker Recipes

Now that you have all this information on the best smokers for camping, it’s time to plan that camping meal!

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