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The Best Summer Hiking Shoes In 2023

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Summer hiking is easier and more enjoyable if you’ve got the best summer hiking shoes. In this best hiking shoes buying guide, we grabbed the top pics so you can keep hitting the trail in comfort and ease all summer.

No matter what the season your feet can take a beating when hiking. This eventually creates a swampy, sweaty environment in your shoes most especially during the summer. To cope up with the hot weather, you need the right shoes that are made to be used for the summer.

Best Summer Hiking Shoes
Best Summer Hiking Shoes

If you are an avid hiker, then you know that seasons don’t stop you and it’s never about the weather, but the clothes you wear.

Here are our top picks for the ultimate best hiking shoes for the summer.

What Shoes Should I Wear for Summer Hiking?

In general, the right hiking boots should provide enough protection, support, traction, and all-day comfort. 

  • Consider a lighter, less clunky pair of hiking shoes
  • Pick a breathable hiking shoe
  • Good traction for all kinds of surfaces
  • Make sure you’re comfortable
  • Nonwaterproof are more breathable making them a better option in the summer than their waterproof counterpart
  • Quick drying materials
Best Summer Hiking Shoes
Best Summer Hiking Shoes

Finally, your shoe should fit comfortably – look for a pair that is snug in the heel and roomy enough around the toes.

If you are planning an extended hike, it is wise to bring along a spare pair of shoes so that you can switch them out when necessary. With these tips in mind, you will be ready to tackle any summer hikes with the right shoes!

Best Summer Hiking Shoes

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, there’s nothing quite like a summer hike to get your blood pumping. But if you want to make the most of your experience, it pays to invest in the right footwear. That's why we've put together this list on the best summer hiking shoes for 2023!

How do I keep my feet cool when hiking?

When hiking, it is important to keep your feet cool in order to maximize comfort and minimize the risk of blisters or chafing.

  • Wearing lightweight and breathable hiking shoes
  • Make sure to choose socks made of moisture-wicking material.
  • If you stop for a break and find that your feet are damp, take off your socks and let them air-dry for a few minutes.
  • If possible, change your socks during the hike to prevent moisture from accumulating as you walk.

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