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Best Things To Do In Gatlinburg For Adults

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Looking for the best things to do in Gatlinburg for adults? We got you! In this Gatlinburg vacation guide, we’ll give you a list of fun activities that will have you coming back for more.

Gatlinburg is a top destination for families with tons of attractions that are perfect for vacations with kids. But this bustling mountain town has so many things to offer when it comes to adult-only trips too.

Things To Do In Gatlinburg For Adults
Things To Do In Gatlinburg For Adults

Whether your looking for great ways to unwind after a tiring work week or finally have the time to take a long weekend away from the kids, Gatlinburg is brimming with fun things to do and see that cater to the adult crowd.

Check out our list of the best things to do in Gatlinburg for adults!

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Does Gatlinburg Have A Night Life?

A Gatlinburg vacation wouldn’t be complete without experiencing what is like in Gatlinburg at night. From food, music, dancing, or other entertainment, you’re sure to have a good time when after the sun sets.

Since you’re in the Smoky Mountains, moonshine tasting is automatic, at least for adults and there plenty of distilleries to choose from. You can also enjoy some wonderful music as you eat your meals in one of the best restaurants in Gatlinburg or go to a theatre to see entertaining shows.

Taking a ghost tour is another alternative to the usual nightlife activities in Gatlinburg. These tours will take you to some of the spookiest sides of the Smokies.

fun things to do in gatlinburg for adults
Things To Do In Gatlinburg For Adults

From dusk to dawn, Gatlinburg offers plenty of activities for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Now, if you’re searching for things that adults can enjoy in Gatlinburg, you’re in for a treat. Keep scrolling to find out!

Best Things To Do In Gatlinburg For Adults

Who says kids get to have all the fun? Today we list down the best things to do in Gatlinburg for adults.

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