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5 Best Toy Hauler RV In 2023

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Are you in the market for an RV toy hauler to take with you on your next RV camping adventure? In this post, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the best toy haulers available in 2023.

We will provide you with detailed information about each model’s features, pros, cons, and other important factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a toy hauler.

Best Toy Haulers
Best Toy Haulers

If you love RV camping and ATV riding, then an RV toy hauler is perfect for you. You can store all your outdoor toys and gear right inside your RV while you travel to your next outdoor playground.

You’ve got yourself a motorhome and garage all in one. In this post, I’ve rounded up the best toy haulers on the market so you can pick what fits you best. Make sure to check them out!

What Is A Toy Hauler?

A toy hauler is a type of RV that is built to store or contain toys. These toys are not the small toys that kids usually play with but rather, these are your ATVs, snowmobiles, motorbikes, kayaks, and other things that are considered outdoor gears or equipment.

It’s like an RV with a garage that has a large rear ramp for easy loading and unloading. They also come in different shapes and sizes, you can also choose different layouts and floor plans to best fit your needs. 

What Are Toy Haulers Used For?

There are so many things wherein toy haulers come in handy, here are some of the best uses of toy haulers that might finally convince you of getting one.

  • Storing Outdoor Recreational “Toys”– this is the basic and primary function of toy haulers. You can safely store your ATVs, motorbikes, kayaks, bicycle, and other outdoor equipment inside.
  • For Tailgaters– For those who love parties, you can use your toy haulers to celebrate team victories or when you just feel like holding a party outdoors. Some models feautures a “party deck”,  like the 2023 Jayco Seismic 3512.
  • Mobile office– You can also turn these trailers into a mobile office that are perfect for contractors, on-site specialists, or other types of work that quire traveling.
  • Business on Wheels– Toy haulers can also be a potential business venture. You can convert this spacious trailer into a small salon, food truck, and many more. You can also travel to your customers which makes it super convenient.
Best Toy Haulers
Best Toy Haulers

Are Toy Haulers Worth It?

Just like any other type of RVs, toy haulers have their advantages and disadvantages. These are things to take note of before you make your purchase.


  • Convenient and easy storage
  • Toy haulers are very versatile and can be used for purposes aside from being a storage trailer.
  • Built with heavy-duty components
  • You have so many options to choose from since it comes in so many shapes, sizes, and layouts.
  • Toy haulers also double as a living space that has functional and convenient amenities.
  • Some models come with awesome features like a rear ramp that converts to a patio.


  • Toy haulers are quite pricey since they are heavy-duty and are built to accommodate heavy equipment and gears.
  • Some toy haulers are too big for most National Parks and State Parks

Things To Consider When Buying Toy Haulers

For those people who want to take their hobbies with them on the road, toy haulers simply work the best. But before you pick one, make sure that you take into consideration the following factors so you can have the best toy hauler that suits your needs. 


You should choose a toy hauler that would be able to address your needs and serve its purpose. As we’ve mentioned there are several things for which toy haulers can be used. 

If you also plan to use them more frequently no matter what the season then it’s best that you choose toy haulers that are well equipped to withstand different weather conditions.


As you already know, toy haulers come in so many sizes. The amount of cargo space you need depends on the purpose. If you’re planning to bring with you larger toys like ATVs, snowmobiles then you would need to choose a toy hauler that would be able to accommodate these things. IF your things require less storage then it is best to choose smaller and more compact toy haulers.   

Weight & Tow Capacity

Just like choosing a travel trailer, you should also consider the weight. The toy hauler’s GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) should weigh less than the maximum towing capacity of your towing vehicles. Failure to do so can cause damage to your vehicles and can also cause accidents.

Types of Toy Haulers

Here are the types of toy haulers you can choose from, check them out and see how each one differs from the other.

5th Wheel Toy Hauler

These types of toy haulers offer a large living space in front and a garage at the rear that is usually separated by a wall. And one main difference it has with a travel trailer is that 5th wheels connect to the bed of a truck with a jaw hitch compared to the travel trailers that are connected to the towing vehicle via ball-and-coupler hitch. These toy haulers have the “gooseneck” front appearance, they usually come with luxurious interiors and a high ceiling.

Travel Trailer Toy Hauler 

Usually, the living space and the garage are not separated by a wall and sometimes the garage extends up to the living area to accommodate longer outdoor recreational “toys”. They are also joined to the towing vehicles with a ball-and-coupler hitch. These toy haulers are quite cheaper compared to the other types.

Toy Hauler Motorhomes( Class A & C)

Class A motorhomes are quite similar to tour buses but they offer more luxurious living space and larger garage to accommodate longer and heavier types of outdoor recreational “toys”

Class C motorhomes are the traditional class C camper that has cargo space in it. They have a living space that comes with basic amenities and a cargo space that is smaller than the class A motorhomes. One of its unique traits is the over-cab bed that is easily recognizable on the road. 

Best Toy Haulers

Bringing your toys like ATVs, motorbikes, and kayaks in your next outdoor adventure isn’t supposed to be hard. There are so many toy haulers on the market that are built to accommodate different types and sizes of outdoor recreation “toys.”

Here are the best toy haulers that are highly rated and recommended by many outdoor enthusiasts. 

How Much Do Toy Haulers Cost?

On average, the cost of a toy hauler is about 20% higher than the conventional travel trailers of the same size. Depending on the type, size, and floor plans, toy haulers have a price ranging from $12,000 to almost $250,000 on the market. 

Maintaining Your Toy Haulers

Here are some ways and practices you can do to ensure that your toy haulers are always in their perfect working conditions.

  • Make sure that you clean your toy haulers after your trips; take out all food leftover or debris from the living space so as not to attract pests and other wildlife. You must clean the garage space as well, make sure you remove oil debris coming from your ATVs, motorbikes, etc., doing these will help ensure that the flooring won’t be damaged and there will be no odor buildup as well.
  • Lubricate moving parts as often as you can to ensure that they are always working/moving properly as intended. Some examples are the locks, hinges, slide-outs, hitch, and bearings.
  • RV Tire check, just like any other vehicle it’s important that you check your toy hauler’s tire damages or wear and tear. Since they usually store large and heavy equipment inside, it’s best that you look  after them before you head out on the road.
  • Load with care, make sure that you load your “toys” nice and smooth so as not to damage any parts of your toy hauler.

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