Best Wide Toe Box Boots & Shoes For Hiking

Whether you are beginner section hiker or an experienced through backpacker, it is important to find a comfortable hiking shoe that fits well and will hold up to the cruelty of the trail. As one who has a wide toe box but narrow heel, this can prove challenging at times.  So I decided to set out to find the perfect hiking shoe for someone in need of a wide toe box and compiled this comprehensive guide.

Want to know the verdict before you read the guide? Based on my own persona. experience AND hundreds of reviews the BEST WIDE TOE BOX SHOES for hiking are Salomon XA Pro trail shoe. 

Our #1 pick for Best Wide Toe Box Shoes

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Compare Wide Toe Box Boots & Shoes On The Market

Why Does a Wide Toe Box Matter?

As I mentioned above, I suffer from a bunion on my left foot which causes my toes to point sharply to the left. This results in a lot of toe rub in the toe box on a downward trek and leads to a lot of pain by the end of the day.  The challenge of finding the best hiking shoe for wide feet can be really difficult especially if you have a wide front foot with a narrow heel.

Finding a good fitting shoe for a bunion or wide front foot isn’t always as easy as buying a wide hiking shoe. In fact, it’s often common for those who suffer from a wide foot in the front of the foot to have a narrow heel.  Therefore, just buying a wide hiking shoe doesn’t necessarily solve your problem.  A hiking shoe that is too wide in the heel can lead to shifting on the trail and blisters after a long day.

While many manufacturers claim to produce a “wide shoe” the toe box is often  still too narrow which leads to cramping and pain on the trail.  A shoe that is too narrow in the toe box causes your toes to be cramped and forced into a wedge.  After hours of hiking up and down a trail and jamming your toes against the end of your toe box results in painful, sore feet and toes.  However, a shoe that truly has a wide toe box will allow the natural splay during your trekking and will decrease the discomfort as well as risk for long term deformity to your feet.

We did all the research for you! Here are the best wide toe box hiking shoes we found. Some of them come in “wide” sizes, while others do not, but were found to be extremely wide in the toe box and very form fitting for those suffering from wide or flat feet.  You can compare the features and prices to see which one best suites your needs.  Click the star ratings to read what others are saying about the hiking shoe.

I’ll be upfront right here and now and say that Salomon is my #1 pick! Overwhelmingly, the reviews back up our opinion as well.  I was introduced to Salomon last year as a gift from my husband before our 18 day trip to California.  As I mentioned previously, I suffer from a bunion on my left foot, however, I have a narrow middle foot and heel. Finding a womens wide toe box narrow heel shoe can be a challenge.  Salomon’s Quest 4D 3 GTX Hiking Boot does not come in a wide or extra wide hiking boot, however, the design of the shoe still makes it a perfect boot for someone who needs a wide toe box and narrow heel. 


  • Designed with a wide toe box even in regular sizes. You will find if you read the reviews this is a consistent comment. 
  • The Advanced Chassis system is sculpted to hold your feet in place and prevent slippage on the trail.
  • The EVA molded Ortholite® sock liner creates a cushioned and customized fit over time with minimal compression, breathability, moisture management system.
  • Waterproof Gore-TEX (GTX) Technology to keep your feet dry but allow maximum breathability
  • SENSIFIT™ technology envelopes foot for a very custom and precise fit
  • Gusseted tongue helps keep the debris out.
  • Protective rubber toe cap.
  • Mud guard.
  • Very lightweight hiking boot at just over 1 lb.


  • Among the more expensive wide toe box hiking shoe.  Buying last year’s model while still available can save you some money.
  • Some complaints with durability in the 2 GTX model
  • Quest 4D 3 GTX is very new to the market with fewer reviews over its older counterpart. Some report the toe box in the newer men’s Quest 4D 3 GTW to be more narrow than the previous 4D 2 GTX model.

If you are looking for ultra light hiking shoes with a low cut, again, Salomon has one of the best lightweight hiking shoes on the market.  Salomon’s women’s X Ultra Prime CS Waterproof and the men’s XA Pro 3D Wide trail runners both have the same great SENSIFIT™ technology that allows Salomons to envelop the foot and create an almost customized fit. 

Women’s X Ultra Prime CS Waterproof

The best wide toe box shoe for women in the low top category goes to the  X Ultra Prime CS Waterproof W.  This hiking shoe again gets high marks for the wide toe box and previously mentioned comfort, flexibility, and customized fit. The Women’s X Ultra Prime series also brings to the table great breathability for a waterproof trekking shoe.  Whether you are trekking through the streams of the Smoky mountains or a Slot Canyon in Utah, these lightweight waterproof hiking shoes will do the trick.


  • Moderate pricing
  • Great lightweight womens hiking shoe
  • Contragrip technology provides excellent traction on the trail
  • Gortex technology making these low top trail shoes waterproof
  • Same great breathability as other Salomon shoes
  • Stylish look makes them great for both trail and every day wear
  • Waterproof Gore-TEX (GTX) Technology to keep your feet dry but allow maximum breathability
  • SENSIFIT™ technology envelopes foot for a accurate fit
  • Protective rubber toe cap.
  • Mud guard.


  • Less ankle support being a low top hiking shoe
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Salomon Men’s XA Pro 3D Wide Trail-Runners

In the men’s category, ironically, the Ultra Prime CS Waterproof shoe is considered narrow and didn’t receive the same high marks for those needing a wide toe box as the women’s.  In this case, we chose the Men’s XA Pro 3D Wide Trail Runners for their lightweight construction, comfort, and roomy toe box.  We also love the Salomon quick lace system available on both the men’s and women’s Salomon XA Pro 3D shoes.


  • Quick lacing system is both convenient and allows for more customized fit throughout the shoe
  • Comes in wide size for those needing not only a wide toe box, but a more wide shoe from toe to heel
  • SENSIFIT™ technology for accurate fit
  • Mud Guard
  • Protective Toe Cap
  • Same great Salomon breathability as other Salomon shoes


  • Not waterproof.  We were disappointed that the low top Salomon men’s waterproof hiking shoe received such poor reviews with regard to narrowness and discomfort for those in need of a wider toe box
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The Vasque Breeze III GTX Hiking boot consistently ranked well in reviews for it’s wide toe box.   Similar to the Salomon’s, the consistent remarks were that they Vasque Breeze III was very roomy in the toe box with a narrow heel.  We remind you, again, the shoes in this review are not all necessarily billed as a wide shoe, rather they are shoes that would be comfortable for those in need of a wide toe box to accommodate a bunion, bunionette, or even a wide flat foot.   If you have a wide heel, Vasque Breeze III GTX boots may not be for you.


  • Excellent grip and traction with it’s Best in Class grip with Vibram Megagrip compound
  • Waterproof protection with GTX technology
  • Highly breathable. Feet stay dry and comfortable even in hot temperatures.
  • Out of the box comfort
  • Roomy wide toe box
  • Great heel cup and cushioned foot bed with EVA foam


  • While consistently ranked high for roomy toe box, some with overall wide feet found the heels to be too narrow
  • Tend to run a bit small so may need to size up by at least one half
  • Some complaints of clunkiness and weight, but overall typical for a hiking boot of this caliber.
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Next in our review of hiking shoes with a wide toe box are the very popular Keen Targhee WP Mid Boots.  Both the men’s and women’s Targhee II and III models rank well for roominess in the toe box. These hiking boots are available in both regular and wide sizes.