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Best Women’s ATV Riding Pants In 2023

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Are you in the market for the best women’s ATV riding pants? In this recreational ATV riding resource guide, we give you our top selection that offers maximum protection for your off-roading adventures. 

When you’re hitting the trails you need ATV pants that are durable and lightweight enough for you to move in. But with so many options in the market, choosing a pair can be quite a task.

Best Women’s ATV Riding Pants
Best Women’s ATV Riding Pants

Are you stressing out trying to find a pair of ATV riding pants that fit the way you want them to?

Girl, we got you! In this article, you’ll find our top 5 choices for women’s ATV riding pants including their best features and pros and cons.

Do you have to wear long pants on an ATV?

Wearing long pants while riding an ATV is highly recommended for safety purposes. Long pants provide a layer of protection between your skin and the rough terrain that you may encounter while riding.

They also protect against any debris or branches that may potentially hit your legs.

In addition to protecting against external elements, long pants can also act as a buffer between your skin and the hot engine of the ATV.

As these engines can get quite hot while in operation, wearing long pants can prevent any burns or discomfort.

How To Choose ATV Riding Pants?

When buying the best ATV riding pants there are a number of factors to consider, including;

  • Material- ATV riding pants should be made of durable and moisture-wicking material. Choose pants that are made of 600D or 900D polyester material for more durability.
  • Ventilation- For additional comfort on the trails, make sure your pants have some ventilation features too. 
  • Fit– Look for riding pants that fit nicely with extra room for movement.
  • Weight- Go for lightweight pants for increased mobility like the Fly Racing Women’s LITE Pants.
  • Easy to clean- Because you will be dealing with a lot of dirt when ATV riding. Make sure your pants are machine washable and won’t easily be damaged even if you put them inside your washer or dryer.  
ATV riding pants for women
Best Women’s ATV Riding Pants

Remember, the best ATV riding pants should not only offer protection but also keep you comfortable and unrestricted on your ride. So, always take into consideration these factors when making your purchase.

Women’s ATV Riding Pants

Here are our top picks for the best women's ATV riding pants in 2023!

Fun ATV Riding Clothes

While protective gear is essential on the trail, it’s ok to look cute and share your wilder riding side with the world. I’m a big fan of ball caps and love this adorable “ATV hair, Don’t Care” hat from Sew Vivid Design on Etsy. Be sure to Check out all this cute ATV apparel.

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