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The Best Women’s Ski Pants of 2021-2022

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No matter what type of skier you are, one thing is for sure you need a good pair of ski pants to get you through the harsh cold weather and challenging slopes. From backcountry to sidecountry to ski resorts these 7 best women’s ski pants are designed to handle the most demanding winter pursuits. Go check them out!

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Best womens ski pants

How Should Womens Ski Pants Fit?

Ski pants aside from their protective function should also provide maximum mobility for skiers. Given that men and women have different builds it is important to know that ski pants are also made differently, Since women tend to have a smaller waist and bigger hips, the ski pants must fit securely and comfortably around the waist and be a little bit lose on the legs to accommodate movement. Its also recommended that your ski pants should be 4-5 inches longer than your everyday pants to be able to nicely cover your ski boots. It is safe to say that you should pick ski pants that are not too tight or too loose. Somewhere in between is best. 

How To Choose The Best Women’s Ski Pants?

Although choosing the best pair of ski pants may not be the fanciest or most exciting, it’s important to find the right pair for you to have the best time up in the mountains. If you haven’t found the right ski pants that suit your needs, here is something to help you in choosing the best ski pants for women.

Types of Ski Pants

Different types of ski pants cater to different kinds of skiers. You can choose from Insulated Pants, Non-Insulated Pants or Shells, Bibs, and Ski Touring Pants. Insulated pants provide extra warmth that is perfect for those who can’t stand the cold. Non-insulated pants are great during high-output activities like backcountry skiing uphill. Bibs tend to have more pockets and keep your pants from falling. Ski Touring Pants offer more breathability, waterproofing, and backcountry-specific features while being as lightweight as possible.

Weather Resistance

Look for features that prevent water and snow from getting inside your pants. Look for pant material and construction that has waterproof and soundproofing features. Choose from 2 layer, three-layer, and Durable Water Repellent (DWR) materials which are the most common. 


These are located on the upper portion of the inner and outer parts of your ski pants. It is an important feature to look for as these are one of the key elements in regulating one’s temperature. 

Other Features

  • Reinforced cuffs or scuff guards– this is to prevent early wear and damage to the bottom part of your ski pants with constant contact with your ski boots
  • Pockets– Just like your everyday pants, ski pants also come with large pockets that can fit most items like snacks, phones, wallets, and other essentials.
  • RECCO- most ski pants come with a RECCO Technology that is built as an added safety feature. It is an avalanche safety technology that is placed on the plant material which helps rescuers/ ski patrol in locating you.
  • Drop seats- most bibs come with this feature that allows the pants to open at the back for an easier time in the bathroom. 

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What Are The Best Ski Pants For Women?

Ski pants is an important barrier between you and the harsh weather conditions. That’s why it’s important to choose a pair of ski pants that come with the perfect balance of protection, warmth, and breathability. With so many options on the market, picking the best one for you can be a challenge. To help you decide, here are the best womens ski pants on the market. 

Best Womens Ski Pants

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