Brimstone Recreation ATV Trails Guide

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Brimstone Recreation, LLC is located in Huntsville, TN and has become nationally recognized as the “go to” for ATV riders and outdoor enthusiasts.  With over 300 miles of trails at Brimstone as well as close proximity to the North Cumberland Wilderness Management Area, you are sure to have hours and hours of fun on these Tennessee ATV trails.

Brimstone manages over 19,000 acres of Appalachian Tennessee wilderness with trails for all skill levels.  In addition to ATV/SXS trails, Brimstone also has an array of lodging available including RVs, Cabins, houses, and trailers.  Huntsville is an ATV friendly town so once you arrive, you can ride on backroads to and from the campgrounds and the trails.  You may also rent ATV/SXS, canoes, kayaks, and inner tubes for your outdoor enjoyment on New River.

Brimstone Recreation: Tennessee ATV Trails Complete guide to Brimstone ATV Trails in Tennessee. Over 19,000 acres of and 300 miles of ATV/OHV trails in Huntsville, TN. Ride your ATV from the time you get there til the time you leave. The perfect ATV outdoor vacation.

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Speaking of tips, here are just a few ATV accessories  to think about if you are new to ATV riding or even if you are a pro.  We all like new toys, don’t we? 

ATV Accessories To Consider

In the meantime,  here’s a quick list of some of the very basic essential riding gear and accessories you need for a great time on the trail.

ATV Helmets– Choosing a good helmet can actually be quite complex. Obviously you want a an ATV helmet that is comfortable, but also safe and well rated. The helmets listed below are all top rated ATV helmet brands such as Bell or AGV and they are all DOT approved. Read our Comprehensive Guide to choosing the Best ATV Helmets.

ATV Goggles- Sure I’m an eye doctor’s wife, but you don’t have to be married to an eye doctor to know you need to protect your eyes on the trail.  Mud, rocks, and even ATV parts can be slung at high rates of speed on the trail.  Even the smallest object penetrating the eyes at a high speed can lead to serious damage. Don’t skip this very important ATV accessory.

ATV Gloves– Again, this is more than just comfort.  The very second time my husband and I hit the trails, we were stuck in the mud for a long time.  Having good hand protection when you are having to work out in the elements can really come in handy. 😉

ATV Boots– You know I’m gonna talk about your shoes!! Come on, I tell you the best shoes for the hiking trails and the best shoes for Disney, so why wouldn’t I tell you about the best shoes for the ATV trail?  In this case, the recommendations are at a minimum very similar to those for hiking, and I would definitely lean on the side of a sturdy waterproof boot like our favorite Salomon Ultra 3 GTX for men  and these Salomon’s for women. 

However, if you check the boots by J & P Cycles and MotoSport you will find much more hard core riding boots for those who are doing dual sport motor cycle racing or heavy duty ATV overloading in rougher weather and terrain.  The boot or boots you choose to wear will depend upon the type of trail riding you plan to do.

Below is quick reference chart for your to compare prices on these important ATV accessories.

ATV Accessory Amazon J & P Cycles MotoSport
ATV Helmets
ATV Goggles
ATV Gloves
ATV Boots

Brimstone Recreation Permit Fees & ATV Rentals

ATV Permits

The Brimstone Permit is required and will give you access to miles of trails and outdoor adventure. A valid land use permit is required for everyone riding the trails including passengers.  For complete details and regulations go here. Permits can be purchased online here. 

Permit Duration Adult Permit Child Permit
1 Day
2 Days
3 Days
4 Days
Daily ATV Rental Rates

Brimstone Recreation has onsite ATV and SXS rentals for your convenience so don’t let not owning an ATV keep you from experiencing this amazing “Disneyland” for outdoor enthusiasts. 

There is a $500 damage deposit required on all rentals.  

Daily rentals are from 9:00 am-5:00 pm.  Rentals include helmets and ATV wash.  

For your convenience, the following chart has the most recent published rates, but visit their website for complete details.  

ATV Type 4WD 500 CC Wolverine
Base Rate

*There is an error in the addition on the Brimstone Recreation page.  We have added correctly the prices they have listed.  Pricing may vary at the time of your booking.

ATV Trail Markings  
  • Green– Easiest trails range from old logging roads to gravel roads. Designed for beginners or those looking to relax.
  • Blue– Similar to easy trails, but with some ruts, washouts, steep climbs, and deep mud  
  • Red– These trails are for the more experienced riders and need to be ridden cautiously.  Brimstone says,

 “Great for riders looking to be challenged! Not for the faint at heart.”

Brimstone Recreation Events

Brimstone Recreation has two major annual events that bring in thousands of ATV/OHV enthusiasts from all over the country.

Brimstone Paragon: This is Brimstone’s premier fall event and is held every September.  Thousands of OHV enthusiasts flock to Brimstone every September for races, thousands of dollars in prize giveaways, big name nightly concerts, and loads of fun. 

Brimstone Paragon 2018 will be held on September 28-30, 2018 and features  The LACS, Everette, Chris Lane, Daughtry, and Big and Rich. 

Brimstone White Knuckle Event: Brimstone Recreation’s Spring White Knuckle Event is equally as impressive with stunt shows, obstacle courses, drag racing events, karaoke, vendors showing off their latest gear, and so much more.   All of this finished off with great nightly entertainment and concerts. 

Lodging near Brimstone Recreation

Brimstone Retreats is the official lodging location for the Brimstone Recreation.  They have cabin and RV rentals.  All lodging is supplied with everything you need for an amazing stay and easy access to the trails.  You can book your lodging at Brimstone here. 

The campground allows access to Trail #1 as well as many of the other Brimstone trails.  There is electric and water as well as a dump station.  Primitive tent camping also available.

The local hotels are limited in the Huntsville area, but you can find a list of the closest hotels here.

In the nearby town of Caryville, there is a Holiday Inn Express and Comfort Inn, but this is ~ 30 minutes from Brimstone.

Save 10% on Select Hotels with Promo Code: TRAVELOCITYSAVE10

Dining Near Brimstone Recreation

The following home cooking small town restaurants make the top lists and have the best reviews in the area. 

Raezack’s Grill & Deli 7 minutes from Brimstone
Local down home cooking with great reviews from visitors as well

Phillip’s Drive Inn13 minutes from Brimstone Located in the town of Oneida, TN- Serves Pizza & Desserts

Preston’s Steakhouse16 minutes from Brimstone Family restaurant serving steaks, burgers, and pizza’s.

For more reviews of area restaurants, go here. 

Attractions Near Brimstone Recreation

We doubt you will have much time or desire for anything beyond riding while blazing the trails at Brimstone Recreations, but just in case, here are a few of the other fun things you can do in the area. 

Blaze More Trails in North Cumberland WMA

If the 300 miles of trails at Brimstone aren’t enough for you, then take your wheels for a spin in the nearby North Cumberland WMA on the Royal Blue and Sundquist riding trails.  These trails are located about 30 minutes (Royal Blue) to one hour (Sundquist) east of Brimstone, but could certainly be included in a road trip to the area.

This is definitely one to add to the list while in Brimstone.  Only 23 minutes away, this large recreation area is part of the national park system. There are gorges, vistas, rivers, and hikes to be enjoyed.  Want to go white water rafting? Ok!  Horseback riding? You got it!  Visit a historic mine? They have that too!  Definitely plan on a day or two to visit this beautiful national recreation area.

Camping is also available in the area so it could certainly be added to your time in Brimstone or even be a base camp if you don’t mind driving a bit.  

As you can see, there is so much to do during a visit to Brimstone Recreation that you can easily fill up a long weekend or a whole week, but even a day blazing the trails would be worth your time!

For more ATV trails in Tennessee, visit our overview of the best TN ATV Trails & Parks. 


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