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Best Camping Coolers On The Market [2022 Buying Guide]

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Are you ready to hit the RV campgrounds with your friends and family? Make sure all those delicious camping meals stay fresh! Here’s our guide to the best camping coolers on the market in 2021.

best camping coolers

Great camping coolers are more than just a place to keep drinks frosty and ice cold or  just a storage for sandwiches. They keep food chilled for several days and can double as  a food preparation surface or just an extra camping chair.

What Should I Look For In A Great Camping Cooler?

Thankfully, manufacturers  have given us a wide variety of camping coolers to choose from that can aid us from solo travel  or week-long camping. In choosing a camping cooler, you need to keep in mind the following: 

  • Price 
  • Weight  
  • Capacity 
  • Features  
  • Design 

Best Camping Coolers YOU can buy today 

1. Yeti Tundra 45  

YETI Tundra 45 Hard Cooler

Yeti, a company that got instant fame by selling “rotomolded” coolers. It is one of  the top tiers of camping coolers on the market, despite its hefty price it is truly well-made.

Yeti  products do live up to everyone’s expectations as one of the best coolers out  there in the market. The Yeti Tundra 45 is armored to the center and durable  thanks to its Rotomolded Construction.

Yeti’s cooler walls are considerably  thicker than the other coolers’ making it a camping-favorite.  


  • Comes with one dry goods basket 
  • Fatwall design with three inches of insulation  
  • Permafrost Insulation 
  • Vortex drain system 
  • Cold-lock gasket 
  • Neverfail hinge system 
Pros Cons
Rotomolded construction Expensive Price
T-REX lid latches
Bearfoot non-slip feet
Doublehaul handles
Lipgrip handles
Anchorpoint tie-down slots

2. RTIC 65 

Whether it’s for camping trips, lake fishing, or just a small back-up refrigerator,  the RTIC 65 got you covered. RTIC makes durable, reliable, and functional cooler  for everyone.

A more affordable rotomolded pick because it’s been a well-known  substitute to the Yeti Tundra 45.

It combines substantial insulation, extreme  durability, and gives a user a sense of ease with its price.

This cooler works  precisely as the manufacturers claim it to be. The RTIC 65 cooler can also be  easily customized to fit your lifestyle and is realistically unbreakable, making it  great for rougher outdoor environments. 


  • Heavy duty rubber t-latches
  • Rapid V-drain system
  • Traction lid 
  • Comfortable handle grips 
Pros Cons
Rotomolded construction Bulky weight
Lid can be used as casting platform No built-in wheels
Molded tie-down slots Short warranty program
Non-slip feet and 2 drain plugs No leash for plug
Larger capacity
Bear resistant
Built-in locking mount

Camping Menu Planner [Digital]

Camping meals should be some of the best memories you make with the family at the campground.

With a good camping menu plan and grocery list beforehand, you can spend less time prepping your camping meals and more time enjoying the great outdoors with your family.

With our Digital Camping Menus and Grocery Lists, you will:

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  • Download PDF printable versions when needed.
  • Keep your eating style in tact and on budget even while camping.
Camping Menu Planner
Digital Camping Menu Planner

See How The Camping Menu Planner Works

Please note the planner works exactly the same, but the colors have been changed to blue and yellow now.

3. Titan Deep Freeze Roto Cooler 55 

One of Arctic Zone’s first rotomolded cooler, the Titan Deep Freeze Roto Cooler  55. Arctic Zone claims that this cooler offers solid insulation value without  standing out from the crowd. Built into it are thick polyurethane insulation and an  integrated fish ruler which makes it a must-have during camping or fishing trips.  It also has built-in protection thanks to Microban. Microban is an anti-microbial  protection feature that helps in the prevention of bacteria, stains, and unwanted  odor. The Titan Deep Freeze Roto Cooler 55 is solely one of the coolers equipped  with Microban in the market. 


  • Heavy-duty, easy-grip T-latches 
  • Wire basket included 
  • Oversized drain 
Pros Cons
Built-in Locking mounts Poor insulation
Two sets of handles Decent durability
Padded side handles
Certified Bear resistant
High performance insulation

4. Pelican 45QW Elite Wheeled Cooler 

Pelican is well-renowned for their products in the law enforcement and  military, as such their designs are more focused on being tactical and  appropriate for industrial use.

Their coolers offer a large selection of  sizes, colors, and configurations matched with their unique aesthetics.  

The Pelican 45QW has a great quality combined with eye-popping color  combinations you can choose from. If you want something that makes  you stand out from the crowd with its bold color choices then the  Pelican 45QW Elite wheeled cooler is the perfect one for you.  


  • Press and pull latches
  • Fish scale lid 
  • Trolley handle and tie downs
  • Built-in bottle opener 
  • Sloped drain and tethered threaded plug 
  • Molded-in handles with built-in trolley handle 
Pros Cons
Lifetime warranty Heavy weight
Excellent insulation Decent durability
Large capacity Awkward shape
Corrosion Resistant Stainless-Steel  HardwareExpensive price
Heavy duty wheels Lacks certain colors in other models
Non-skid and non-marking raised feet
Custom color program
Certified bear proof

5. RovR Products RollR 45 

Big things come in small packages. Having a cooler with wheels makes transport from your vehicle to a campsite a breeze.

RovR  produces coolers that are ‘’feature-filled’’ with innovative functionality  from add-on accessories like cupholders, bike tow bar, lights, Bluetooth speakers,  and many more.

A boulder-based cooler that is guaranteed to be the easiest and  most comfortable out there.

If you’re someone who likes a more feature-rich  cooler, then the RovR RollR 45 will suit your needs. This cooler is also ideal when  space is limited.  


  • Anchor pins for attaching prep station and accessories 
  • Deep freeze dry bin with 2 compartments 
  • 12.5mm stainless steel axle 
  • Telescopic handle 
Pros Cons
Bear proof Heavy weight
High density foam insulation Limited warranty- 5 years
All-terrain rubber tires Less spacious than advertised
Airtight gasket Expensive price
Rubber latches
Fast flow drain plug
Rubber non-skid feet
Removable storage bin
Lots of customization options

Comparison Table 

Name Price Weight Capacity Design
Yeti Tundra 45 ($300 23 lbs. 37 qts. (35L) Rotomolded Construction
RTIC 65 ($239.99 36.5 lbs 65 qt Rotomolded Construction
Titan Deep  Freeze Roto  Cooler 55Q ($200.0 35.27 lbs 55qt Rotomolded Construction
Pelican 45QW  Elite Wheeled  Cooler ($ 390.95 37.25lbs 45.00qt (42.59L)Rotomolded Construction
RovR Products  RollR 45 ($399.99 37 lbs. 45 qts.  (42.6L)Rotomolded Construction


There are more coolers out there with varying sizes and options to choose from. Coolers  are a huge investment that is why having a generous warranty can help ease some pain  in your pocket.

Picking out a cooler with ample insulation and internal space for your  needs is vital especially during camping and outdoor activities. Take the time to review  and weigh out different options in helping you choose the ‘’best cooler’’ for you. Just  remember that it’s all about finding the one that suits your needs and lifestyle.

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