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Your Kids Will Go Bonkers For These Campfire Foods On A Stick

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Eating campfire foods on a stick is classic camping in our book. Any camping meal cooked over an open fire on a stick will be a hit with the kids.

Shhhh!! It’ll be our little secret that mom and dad really enjoy it, too.

camping meals on a stick

These 30+ camping meals on a stick will inspire you to get out of the roasted weenie rut and try something new the next time you go camping.

Things to Cook Over a Fire on a Stick

While marshmallows and hot dogs remain easy and relatively cheap camping foods to cook over a fire on a stick, there are other types of camping meals on a stick to try out.

What Can You Roast Besides Marshmallows?

Did you know you can roast fruit, make chocolate chip cookies, and roast Starburst over an open flame? Yep! Starburst!

By that I mean, what other delicious SWEET things can you roast on a stick over a campfire?

Check out this video from Outdoor Boys.

Campfire Food On A Stick

Here are a few campfire food ideas on a stick you might also enjoy.

Camping Kabobs

camping kabobs

Meals on a Stick: No Campfire Needed

Sometimes my kids and I are at the campground alone all day and I don’t really want to make a campfire. That doesn’t mean they can’t still have a camping meal on a stick.

Here are a few more fun camping snacks on a stick that don’t even require a campfire.

No Campfire Needed Snacks on a Stick

What fun things do you like to eat on a stick while camping?

 campfire food on a stick

More Easy Meals For Camping

If you are looking for even more easy meals for camping trips, check out Proper Good! As seen on Shark Tank, these Easy on-the-go meals are perfect for camping and super healthy to boot.

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Build Your Own Pack
Build Your Own Pack

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