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Can You Use A Snowmobile Helmet For ATV Riding?

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It’s a question that many people have asked over the years: can you use a snowmobile helmet for ATV riding? In this recreational ATV riding guide, we’ll answer that question and provide more information about how to properly equip yourself while riding the trails.

Many people think that it is okay to wear the same helmet while riding an ATV as they would when riding a snowmobile. However, there are some differences between the vehicles you should take into account before making your decision.

Can You Use A Snowmobile Helmet For ATV Riding?
Can You Use A Snowmobile Helmet For ATV Riding?

Can you use a snowmobile helmet for ATV riding? If you enjoy both of enjoy ATV riding and riding the snowmobile, then it’s understandable that you would want to wear the same helmet since they are similar.

Let’s answer that question today!

Snowmobile Helmet Vs. ATV Riding Helmet

Snowmobile helmets and ATV riding helmets have many similarities, but also have many differences that make them both suitable for different types of activities.

When it comes to safety, both snowmobile and ATV helmets are designed to provide protection from head injuries and offer a range of features such as adjustable fit and ventilation.


Snowmobile helmets are designed with a longer, more angular shape to protect against wind speed and cold temperatures that come with snowmobiling.

They often have adjustable face shields for extra protection from flying debris and wind chill.

ATV riding helmets are designed for off-road use and are more rounded and compact in structure. They often have integrated sun visors for added visibility when riding in sunny conditions. 


The ventilation system is a key distinguisher between snowmobile and ATV helmets. Snowmobile helmets have ventilation systems that keep the wearer warm, while ATV helmet ventilation systems are designed for breathability in hot climates.

The breath guard is a crucial feature in any snowmobile helmet as it prevents air from condensing inside the helmet. This, in turn, creates a comfortable environment for the rider.


Snowmobile helmets tend to be heavier than ATV helmets as they are designed with extra insulation for cold weather protection.

ATV helmets, on the other hand, are designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic for optimum performance in off-road conditions.

Can You Use A Snowmobile Helmet For ATV Riding?
Can You Use A Snowmobile Helmet For ATV Riding?


A snowmobile helmet usually contains a two-way shield construction, whereas an ATV helmet has a single-way shield construction in order to better withstand impact and prevent sharp object penetration.


Snowmobile helmets tend to be more expensive than ATV riding helmets due to their added insulation for cold weather protection and longer, more angular shape.

Can You Use A Snowmobile Helmet For ATV Riding?

While it is possible to use a snowmobile helmet for ATV riding, it’s not the best idea. Keep in mind these helmets won’t provide the same level of protection as an ATV-specific helmet would.

Snowmobile helmets, like all helmets, are designed to provide a certain level of protection during specific activities.

Can You Use A Snowmobile Helmet For ATV Riding?
Can You Use A Snowmobile Helmet For ATV Riding?

For ATV riding, you’ll need an ATV helmet that meets the safety standards for that type of activity.

Snowmobile helmets generally don’t incorporate as much ventilation as ATV helmets, so they can be hot and uncomfortable when riding in warmer climates.

If you do decide to use a snowmobile helmet for ATV riding, make sure to you to check the safety standards and manufacturer guidelines before doing.

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