Celebrating International Travel by Traveling In Canuck Land: A Guest Post

There is a lot of celebrating this week at VeraVise!   First, my children’s passports arrived so there is a lot of excitement about future travel plans.  Secondly, it’s America’s Independence Day this week, and finally we want to wish our Canadian friends a Happy Canada 150!

In fact, I called on some Canadian experts to help me celebrate and hopefully plan how best to use these new passports!  

Exciting Time In Our House

Taking to the High Seas and Elsewhere

For our twentieth anniversary, my husband and I  decided we would cruise for the first time.  We chose the Allure of the Seas for our very first cruise. We really enjoyed all the amenities of this ship.  These larger ships, however, are unable to get into smaller ports.  Therefore, we had an excuse to book our next cruise on the smaller Adventure of the Seas for December of this year.  Ergo, we needed to get passports for our three kids! 

If you are considering a cruise for your family, here is everything you need to know about cruises. 

But, I digress! This post is about CANADA!  All of the posts by my friend at Fill My Passport have me itching to visit this beautiful country.  I’ve always wanted to see Prince Edward Island because, you know, Anne Shirley!  So, seeing as how we all now have passports, I’m kind’ve itching to do some planning.  In the meantime I want to introduce you to someone else who has a lot more knowledge on Canada than me.

Here are some tips for getting your children’s first passport and if you have a baby, check this article out for how to take the perfect baby passport photo.

Meet My Canadian Friend Jenna

It just so happens I’ve become friends with a dear Canadian family via Facebook.  We have been friends now for well over five years.  I feel as though I’ve known them my whole life in person though we’ve never met.  Today’s post is written by one of the members of this Canadian family, Jenna!  

In honor of the Canada 150 celebration, Jenna has shared her knowledge with me about her home land.  I, in turn, am sharing that with you and getting out my planner!! Obviously, I won’t make the festivities of July 1, 2017, but I am hoping I might make it north before the year is out! 

Without any more delay, here is Jenna! 

Hello, my name is Jenna and I live in the “Great White North.”  Actually, I’m located in Southwestern Ontario.  Fortunately, we don’t receive much snow. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Sam. I’m also a mom to three teenagers. My family loves to travel. This has made me our family’s travel planner.  I’d like to share with you some affordable Canadian travel experiences.

In today’s article we will start with two of Canada’s most popular destinations in Ontario: Toronto and Niagara Falls.

The Cosmopolotan City

Toronto is a very cosmopolitan city.  Throughout the city, you can find world-class museums, shopping centres, professional sports, and entertainment.  A place that tops any tourist’s  site-seeing list is the CN Tower. This tower offers amazing, panoramic views of Toronto and Lake Ontario. One memorable way to experience these views is to have dinner at the 360 Restaurant. This is a revolving restaurant that allows you to see across Toronto in comfort. It takes 72 minutes to complete one revolution. The menu is a little pricey but it includes admission to the glass floor of the CN Tower.

When visiting Toronto, it is always a great idea to book a place to stay in the downtown core. This enables you to access many attractions by foot or using the subway/transit system. I use Expedia.ca to book my trips. They now offer condominiums for rent by the night. These condos offer gorgeous views. They come fully equipped with a kitchen and access to all of the condo’s amenities (eg. gym and pool). If you book a condo for the off-season (Jan-May and Oct-Dec) you will find that the prices per night are cheaper than a downtown hotel. In mid-April, I paid $867 (includes $300 refundable security deposit) for 3 nights in a one bedroom downtown condo.

The Iconic Falls

Another iconic Canadian destination is Niagara Falls. Located about one hour north of Toronto,  the Horseshoe/Canadian Falls are a breathtaking sight.  One of the best ways to view this marvel is from a hotel room overlooking the Falls. This allows you to enjoy the Falls and avoid the crowds.  The Falls can also be explored by boat.  The Hornblower Cruise offers a ride that will take you very close to the Falls. It’s a tour that isn’t for the faint of heart. This cruise offers astounding photo opportunities and priceless memories.

Time To Head North

I hope I’ve whetted your thirst for some Canadian adventure.  Economically speaking, Canadian travel is very affordable for Americans.  The exchange rate is currently in the favour of the USA.  This means that every US dollar is equivalent $1.31 in Canadian dollars. Talk about a great deal eh?  Now is the time to scratch some Canadian destinations off your bucket list.

Ready To Learn More?

Thanks Jenna for giving more cause to be tempted to visit Canada this year.  As if Prince Edward Island, Free access to the National Parks, and seeing you in person my friend, weren’t enough?  I hope you have enjoyed Jenna’s report today.   


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12 thoughts on “Celebrating International Travel by Traveling In Canuck Land: A Guest Post

  1. This is GREAT! You were too sweet to mention me AND my homeland. Toronto is my home city too and you covered it beautifully. Hope to see you at #flyawayfriday! ❤

  2. I freaking love Canada – I’ve only been to Vancouver and Toronto but I think that’s enough to still say I love it, haha! Thanks for joining #FlyAwayFriday – hope to see you again tomorrow! xo

  3. I love the Niagara area. I really enjoyed the falls – they are amazing in person. And I really loved the wine. I hope to go back and explore it more. I hope you guys get to go too. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  4. Yey on your kids getting their passports! Lots of adventures await you! Would love to go back to Toronto and explore more beyond just going over for the day to see Niagara Falls. Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard!

  5. I’ve only ever been to Toronto in Canada when I was about 15 years old. I remember Niagra Falls being more beautiful on the Canadian side, would love to visit again as an adult.

  6. That’s a great idea to stay in a condo while visiting Toronto! Niagra Falls is unbelievable. One of my first memories (in life) is of Niagra Falls! I remember wearing a rain jacket and my grandpa carrying me through a tunnel to an overlook.

  7. There is so much to see and do in Canada I don’t even know where to start! Looks like Toronto and the Falls are definitely on the list though – I’ve seen incredible photos of all the national parks in Canada and I’d love to explore them one day.

  8. Canada’s raw beauty always intrigues me! The wildlife, forests, lakes and waterfalls are simply gorgeous and i cannot wait to visit them.

  9. Lovely photos, brought back memories ! I visited Toronto and I also went to the Niagara falls few year ago ! Horseshoe Falls is really beautiful and so powerful. I was also particularly impressed by the magnificent fireworks over one of nature’s greatest creations ?

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