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10 Cheap Camping Meals That Will Satisfy Your Whole Crew

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Camping meals doesn’t have to be expensive. If you need to stick to a tight budget, then you will love these 10 cheap camping meals for the whole family.

Camping can be a great way to get away from it all, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. With some smart planning and creative recipes, you can make inexpensive camping meals that will leave your taste buds singing.

Cheap Camping Meals
Cheap Camping Meals

Camping season is upon us and there’s no denying the truth of the matter. I camp for food!

If you are like me and the highlight of your RV camping adventures revolves around what’s on the picnic table at night, you better not miss this list of cheap camping meals.

Cheap Camping Food Ideas

Eating cheap while camping is not hard. Most traditional camping meals are very budget-friendly and can be prepped in less than an hour!

These cheap camping food ideas will put on a smile on the whole family’s face!

  • Grilled Hot Dogs
  • Beanie Weenies
  • Cold Cut Sandwiches
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Baked Potatoes (Cook these on the embers of an open fire! You will thank me!)
  • Salads made with local produce (I always stop at the local produce stand on the way to the campground for some great deals.)

Another reason camping meals can be cheap is because you can DIY so much before you go, even your condiments can be DIY.

Cheap Camping Meals
Cheap Camping Meals

How Can I Eat Cheap While Camping?

Want a few more tips for keeping the camping budget low? Here are a few ways I save money on camping supplies and camping meals.

  • Make a list and a menu. Your meal plan at home and camping should be no different. The best way to cut the budget is to plan ahead and keep a checklist of everything you need or already have on hand before you shop. I created camping checklists to use on my mobile phone so I can go through my pantry and check off what I already have. This eliminates doubling up or overbuying for my trip. I also use a camping menu planner to help ensure I have all the right foods for my trip.
  • Make plan ahead camping meals. A great way to save is to make ahead as many of the meals as you can. If you are in an RV and have access to a freezer, you can make ahead most of your meals. This saves you time and money. If you are tent camping, consider investing in a roto-molded cooler that can keep ice for up to 7 days in many cases.
  • Smoke your meats and eat leftovers. Another way to save money is to eat leftovers. We love to smoke a pork roast in our portable electric smoker and eat bbq pork sandwiches for several days. This is a delicious way to stretch the dollar.
  • Buy Local. Another favorite camping food tradition is to research ahead and find the farmer’s markets or local produce stands in the nearest town before heading into the campground. You can often get some great deals on local produce in the summer like corn on the cob, tomatoes, and peppers. You might also score some good deals on canned goods and honey.
  • Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. I LOVE potatoes cooked in foil on the embers of a campfire. You can make a super cheap, hearty, and delicious meal out of a big baking potato. It is definitely a go-to for me when I want a cheap camping meal.

Cheap Camping Meals

Easy RV Camping Meals

Another great thing about camping meals is that not only can they be cheap, but they can be incredibly easy. With a bit of prep time, you can have some amazing camping meals with very little clean-up.

Beyond the super-easy camping meals of sandwiches and hot dogs, you can cook meals in numerous ways that are not only easy to prepare and clean up but also super fun for the family.

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Snacks are also important when camping, so here’s our post on 19 Camping Snacks that go great with beer!

Also, in case unexpected rain begins, here are some fun camping activities to do on those rainy days.

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