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8 Best Christmas Tree Farms In North Carolina

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My Christmas tree growing up and in the early years of my marriage were always artificial, but when our oldest was born, we decided we’d like to start getting a live tree. Little did I know that this new tradition would become one of our all time favorites during the holiday season. We live right on the Northeast Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Southwest Virginia border so we have a lot of great options when it comes to finding a good Christmas Tree Farm. However, we have to tell you that of all three states, North Carolina Christmas Tree Farms are by far our favorites. If you haven’t picked a tree farm yet, let me tell you about our favorite one and offer some other Christmas tree farms in North Carolina you might want to visit

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Christmas Tree Farms In North Carolina

How Many Christmas Tree Farms Are There In North Carolina?

There are approximately 1,300 growers of Fraser Fir Christmas trees in North Carolina on about 40,000 acres of land. North Carolina is responsible for producing over 20% of the Real Christmas Trees in the U.S.

What Kind Of Christmas Trees Are Sold In NC?

Out of all the Christmas trees grown in North Carolina, 99.4 % of them are all Fraser Firs. North Carolina Fraser Firs have been judged the Nation’s best through a contest sponsored by the National Christmas Tree Association and has been chosen 13 times as the official White House Christmas tree. 

The Best Christmas Tree Farms In North Carolina

David Pittman’s Christmas Tree Farm

986 Licklog Road Newland, NC

We have to start our list with David Pittman’s Christmas Tree Farm because it is our absolute favorite Christmas tree farm to visit for our own personal tree. David and his family are so kind and they offer great service including a ride up to the trees, cutting the tree and budding it for you, AND of course, apple cider and cookies when it’s all over. They also have an amazing view from the top.

christmas tree farms in North Carolina
christmas tree farm tennessee
David Pittmans christmas tree farm

Choose and cut Christmas trees at David Pittman’s Christmas Tree Farm located in Newland, NC. (Very near this cute town called Cranberry, NC)

This farm is the quintessential family Christmas tree farm dedicated to providing the best Christmas trees in North Carolina that go from 2 to 11 feet. Producing thousands and thousands of Christmas trees for families and businesses across the country, this farm is certainly one of the best.

They will be open starting November 20 at 9 am, and amenities include a hayride and warm apple cider. 

David Pittman’s Christmas Tree Farm Has the following schedule up on their Facebook Page:

  • Friday, Nov. 26, 9am-5pm
  • Saturday, Nov. 27, 9am-5pm
  • Sunday, Nov. 28, 1pm-5pm
  • Friday, Dec. 3, 1-5pm
  • Saturday, Dec. 4, 9am-5pm
  • Sunday, Dec. 5, 1pm-5pm
  • Saturday, Dec. 11, 9am-5pm
  • Sunday, Dec. 12, 1pm-5pm
  • Last Day: Saturday, Dec. 18, 10am-1pm

Pinetop Farm

830 Majolica Road Salisbury, NC

Pick out the perfect tree this Christmas at Pinetop Farm in Salisbury, NC, and have been in business since 1971. The farm provides a bow saw and hayrides to and from the field to make things easier for you as you pick the perfect Christmas tree. Aside from these, they also offer free tree shaking of their Christmas tree selection. Aside from trees, they also sell wreaths and garlands for your holiday decorations. 

Christmas Tree selection: White pine, Scotch Pine, Leyland Cypress, Blue Ice ( Silver Cast Great Fragrance), Precut Premium Fraser Fir. 

Cost: Field Trees up to 8.5FT: $8.50/FT, Precut Premium Fraser Fir/ 7FT – 8FT $70

C & J Christmas Tree Farm

1999 Brookshire Rd, Boone, NC

C & J Christmas Tree Farm is a family-owned and operated tree farm found at the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just 5 minutes from downtown. You can find the perfect Christmas tree of your choice from tabletop size Fraser fir trees to trees reaching up to 9 feet tall. 

Christmas tree selection: Fraser fir trees

Cost: $10 a foot from base to tip for any tree up to 8ft,  $12 a foot from base to tip for any tree 8.5ft and up

Boyd Mountain Christmas Tree Farm

445 Boyd Farm Rd, Waynesville, NC

Offering plenty of gorgeous Christmas trees, Boyd Mountain Christmas Tree Farm is one of the highest-rated Christmas tree farms in North Carolina. They have acres and acres of trees so whether you’re looking for small or huge pine, you’ll surely find something that fits your style. Kids will also love the farm especially because they offer some tasty hot cocoa, hot spiced cider, cookies, pretzels, and more. 

Panoramic View Tree Farm

368 Panoramic Ln, Boone, NC

Create wonderful holiday memories while picking out the perfect Christmas tree at Panoramic View Tree Farm. This tree farm offers a wide selection of Fraser Fir trees that go from tabletop sizes to as high as 13 ft. All you have to do is choose the perfect tree for you and they’ll make sure that the tree is cut, bagged, and strapped down all ready for your ride home. Aside from these, they also offer other fun activities for families to enjoy including feeding and petting the cows with newborn calves & horses. Horse riding for children as well as group hayrides if you want to go around the farm.

Mistletoe Meadows

583 Burnt Hill Road Laurel Springs, NC

Get the finest Christmas trees fresh from Mistletoe Meadows Christmas tree farm found right in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. Since 1988, the farm has been producing beautiful Christmas trees and wreaths and has gained both state and national honors over the years.

The majority of the trees grown on the farm are Fraser firs, but they also have other tree selections including white pine, blue spruce, and Leyland cypress trees. After choosing your tree, they’ll be the one to cut, bale, and load your trees into your vehicles ready for the road home.  

Bear Valley Farm

231 Bee Tree Rd. Glenville, NC

Nestled in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of western NC is the Bear Valley Farm. The farm is also conveniently located close to Atlanta, Greenville, Asheville, Charlotte, Chattanooga, and Highlands. With the rich soil of the Great Smoky Mountains coupled with clear water and fresh mountain air, the farm can produce the best and finest Fraser Firs ready for the holiday season. 

Smoky Mountain Christmas Tree Farm

756 Hemphill Rd. Waynesville

The Smoky Mountain Christmas Tree Farm is a family-owned farm located in the beautiful mountains of Waynesville, NC just 30 minutes away from Asheville. They offer a wide variety of Fraser Firs wreaths, garland, and pre-cut trees that come in different sizes. New to the farm are Christmas Tree Cabins that are perfect for family vacations. They’ll be open starting November 20th. 

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