Character Palooza at Hollywood Studios: A Secret Character Meet and Greet

In this post we let you in on a little secret: The Character Palooza at Hollywood Studios is a somewhat secret Disney character meet and greet. At this non advertised somewhat secretive character event located outside the entrance of Hollywood Studios you can meet some truly unique Disney characters. Read more to learn how you can locate and participate in a Disney World Character Palooza at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.   

Two girls meeting Dopey at a Character Palooza outside Hollywood Studios

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What is a Character Palooza?

A Disney Character Palooza is a secret not so secret  special character meet and greet that occurs at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The event happens “most days” outside the park entrance between the hours of 4 and 7 pm. 

How to find a character palooza

While the Hollywood Studios Character Palooza is a well kept secret.  There are a few ways to find out more about them. 

While it is a pseudo secret, it does happen on a regular basis. Use #characterpalooza on social media to find posts about the character palooza.

Another great resource is to check out Kenny The Pirate He offers a schedule on his website based upon previous and somewhat predictable occurrences. 

Don’t bother asking Cast Members as they are trained to be evasive when it comes to the occurrence of a character palooza. 

Hollywood Studios Character Palooza occurs OUTSIDE THE PARK GATE! Do not enter  Hollywood Studios!  The characters will  come out around the front gate area.

**INSIDER TIP** -If it is raining, the character palooza will not occur. 

What Disney Characters will I meet at a Disney Character Palooza?

The really fun thing about a character palooza is that the characters are random and oftentimes rare!

You never know for sure who will be there, and it can often be a very rare character like this time when we met Geppetto. I had to tell my kids afterward who he was! 

Three kids smile for picture with Geppetto outside Hollywood Studios
We had to explain to the kids who this was! Haha

On two separate occasions, we met Aladdin.  

Child sleeping while meeting Aladdin at Hollywood Studios
After 4pm for the Character Palooza can be a bit late for some tired folks!

Jasmine accompanied Aladdin on our second Character Palooza.

Kids having autograph books signed by Jasmine at Hollywood Studios

One never goes wrong when a princess meet and greet is involved.

Children meeting Tiana outside Hollywood Studios for a Character Palooza
Marking another Disney Princess off the Character Bucket List

Sometimes the not so rare more classic characters can also show up at a Disney Character Palooza!

Minnie Mouse Kissing Little Boy
Making Mickey Jealous

Our family loves making it to the Disney Character Palooza at Hollywood Studios.  It’s a fun and unique opportunity to meet some characters you might not otherwise meet unless attending a spicial holiday event such as the Mickey Not So Scary Halloween Party or the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Things To Remember About A Character Palooza Hollywood Studios

  • Bring your autograph books as they characters will sign autographs and you can take pictures
  • Don’t be discouraged if you miss it as the timing can be unpredictable
  • Use social media to track timing of characters #characterpalooza can be helpful 
  • No photo pass/memory maker is available so have your phones charged and ready
  • As it is later in the day, children may be extra tired and cranky (experience speaking here) so be prepared with snacks and water to stay hydrated while you wait
  • Cast members won’t generally answer questions about the Palooza, but you will see a crowd waiting if you are there a the right time

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  1. As many times as I have been to WDW, I never knew about this! I am beyond jealous of Robin Hood. My all-time favorite. Can’t wait to hear more experiences during the #DisFanChat twitter party! #MouseFanMondays

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