10 Lip Smacking Delish Dutch Oven Camping Meals

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My husband and I love to watch Kent Rollins. He’s funny, country, conservative, and knows how to cook up some mean dishes in a dutch oven right over an open campfire! If learning how to prepare dutch oven camping meals sounds like fun, Kent Rollins is your man.

In fact, I’ve been so inspired to try out some dutch oven cooking this summer at the campground, that I went on a hunt to find a whole slew of dutch oven camping recipes.

So here ya go!

Here’s more than some great Dutch Oven Camping Meals you can enjoy this year at the campground .

dutch oven camping recipes

What Can You Cook In A Dutch Oven Camping?

Really, the answer is what can’t you cook in a dutch oven while camping.

As you can see, Kent loves to cook up some mighty fine cornbread in his dutch oven.

But, there’s so much more you can cook in your dutch oven at the campground.

  • Chili
  • Cobbler
  • Whole Chickens
  • Beef Stews
  • Dump Cakes
  • Sloppy Joes
  • Bell Peppers
  • Potatoes
  • Beer batter fish and chips
  • and so much more….

If you can dream it, you can probably cook it in your dutch oven at the campground.

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What is the Best Dutch Oven For Camping?

We are with Kent on this one and recommend American made dutch oven brands. The most popular and well known cast iron company by far is Lodge, but Finex USA is also another company you may want to take a look at if you want a quality dutch oven made in America.

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How Do You Cook With A Dutch Oven On A Campfire?

You may be wondering how you cook with a dutch oven on a campfire.

You can actually put your dutch oven directly on a grill or over your died down coals from the fire.

The way you cook a stew in a dutch oven will be different than the way you bake a cake or bread.

With a stew or casserole, you will be able to see from the top how things are going, but with something you bake, it’s hard to see how it’s doing and you can burn it if you have the oven too close to the coals or too small of a dutch oven.

Kent and Shannon offer some great tips in this video to help you get started.

It takes time and experience to be able to judge temperatures and cooking times.

While there are some dutch ovens that have thermometers on them now, but the beauty of dutch oven cooking on a campfire is the art of learning how to know when the food is finished.

Most experienced dutch oven campfire cooks will tell you to apply the hand rule to judge temperature.

If you can hold your hand over the pot for more than 5 seconds, you are probably not at 350 degrees.

10 Dutch Oven Recipes For Camping Meals

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