Gifts For The Hikers In Your LIfe

gifts for hikers

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What's Always In Your Hiking Pack?

We asked a group of hikers on Facebook,

“What’s ALWAYS in your hiking pack?” 

It was fun to see all the responses and get some insight into my fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Most responses weren’t all that surprising.  Items like snacks, water, and first aid kits made the list over and over.  As a mom, I loved reading the responses from parents. It was funny to hear  how their “gear” has changed since having kids.  One respondent said,

“Depends on who’s hiking with me.” 

“Happy wife happy hike”
“Happy kid, happy wife happy hike”

His advice for a for a hiking pack that leads to a happy hike:

“The better the snack selection the more enjoyable the hike tends to be.”

My personal favorite from his list,

“Taser (when lil mama has to venture off alone to tinkle)”


Hiking Pack Essentials

Many of the respondents gave us great ideas for hiking pack essentials.  As my family continues to up our hiking game, I love learning from other hikers what should ALWAYS be in my hiking pack.  

They mentioned all the essentials and, in fact, even shared this very handy list from REI known as “The Ten Essentials”

Two hiking packs in a field

Gifts for Hikers

After asking these expert and experienced hikers what they ALWAYS have in their hiking pack, I decided to use this information to put together a list of gifts for hikers based upon their recommendations.

Here are a few hiking gift ideas for the hiker in your life!

Hiking Pack Gift Snack Ideas

Since Snacks was at the top of everyone’s list, let’s start there! Having good protein sources is essential. This is sometimes a challenge for my family since we eat a low carb lifestyle and also have some family members with allergies to nuts. We have to mix and match a few of our snacks in order to make sure everyone has options. For my nut allergic family members, we can use things like beef jerky, Enjoy Life allergy friendly trail mix, and Cascadian Farm granola bars.

For my non-allergic family members, our favorite protein bars is the QuestBar.  Quest bars are sweetened with Stevia (sometimes Splenda) so they are a nice low carb alternative for our family. Our favorite flavors are the double chocolate chunk and chocolate chip cookie dough.

We also love these Almonds by Blue Diamond and I try to keep some allergy friendly dried fruit for those that can’t have the nuts.

I have to say, though, my favorite snack comments were those that said they always carried Skittles and Chocolate.  Of course, this wouldn’t fit my low carb lifestyle, but sometimes you deserve a reward after a difficult summit. Am I right? 

I spotted these “Hangry Kits” on Amazon! What a cute gift for the outdoorsy hiker or camper in your life!

Other Gifts For Hikers

Now that we have the most important items covered,  what else is in the hiking pack of an avid outdoorsman (or woman)? Water, of course!  My Christmas list this year includes one of those built in water bladders for my pack. I am still trying to decide whether I want a whole new back pack like the CamelBak by Campmor or just a water bladder for the back pack I already have.  I’m pretty fond of my new Under Armor pack. These kids Camelbak packs are super cute!

Other items mentioned that are ALWAYS in a hikers bag included

Gifts For Hikers Not In The Pack

Finally, even though we are discussing gifts for hikers and what they always have IN their hiking pack, I wanted to mention a few other things that make great gifts for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. My personal favorite and one that I did a video on just to demonstrate how much I love them are my new Salomon hiking shoes! Be sure to check out our Buying Guide for the The Best Wide Toe Box Hiking Shoes

I have plans to buy a pair for every member of the family.  They are very comfortable, have a great grip, and my favorite part is the no tie laces!  Personally, I can’t wait to try some of their other shoe types as well!

There are so many great gear ideas out there for the hiker in your life.  This list only scratches the surface, but hopefully it gives you an idea of some fun gifts you can include in your outdoor enthusiast’s hiking pack!

Finally, my favorite comment from someone about what was ALWAYS in his bag, was a BUZZ LIGHTYEAR toy.

I told him I had to thank him for proving you could love hiking AND Disney! Just like we do here on VeraVise WOW Travel!

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3 thoughts on “Gifts For The Hikers In Your LIfe

  1. Hi Nikki,

    I asked my group of hikers so im just going to past what they had to say as I don’t have experience with them yet. Here are their responses. I hope this helps.

    I’ve never used a straw.
    The tablets don’t filter out debris / particulate and take time to work, 30 minutes before can consume water. Kinda makes water taste funky as well. BUT better than nothing. Filters used in past still ended up needing tablets anyway.

    What’s your water source? If it’s clear and moving quickly, I’ll use a tablet because it’s faster. If it’s muddy and dark, I’d prefer to use my filter to get out debris. Either can be safe – it’s your preference!

    straws are son sipped puddles in cambodia and was thankful he had one

    Life straw. 100% confident youd want this to tableta

    That was what they had to say. For me personally, I’d probably feel better using a filter, though I could see using both in some situations. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You listed the water filtration straw… do you like this better than the tablets? Not sure which would be better to get for my friend.

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