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More than 1000 Miles of ATV Trails Awaits You on the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System!

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If you are a fan of recreational ATV riding, you have no doubt heard about the legendary Hatfield-McCoy trails in West Virginia. These massive ATV trails in West Virginia now encompass more than 1000 miles of trail, spread across six West Virginia counties.

The Hatfield-McCoy trail system is known as one of the best and most robust off-roading ATV trail systems in the entire world, and the system is constantly evolving and growing.

Hatfield McCoy Trails
Hatfield McCoy Trails

This huge trail system makes up the majority of ATV trails in West Virginia, and many of the trails connect ATV-friendly towns, campgrounds, and accommodations, making it possible to plan an epic off-roading vacation that your family will never forget.

Here’s a complete overview of the Hatfield-McCoy trails, as well as some ideas for lodging and camping near the Hatfield-McCoy system. We’ve also got a few suggestions for other ATV trails in West Virginia.

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Where are the Hatfield-McCoy Trails Located?

This extensive trail system is located in southern West Virginia.

It is a joint project between many counties and municipalities and encompasses private and public land in the counties of Logan, Kanawha, Wyoming, McDowell, Mercer, Wayne, Lincoln, Mingo, and Boone.

Hatfield-McCoys Trail Map 

Do you have to wear a helmet on Hatfield-McCoy Trails?

Yes. Helmets are required on all Hatfield-McCoy Trails for both drivers and passengers.

Check out our guide to the Best ATV Helmets For Trail Riding on the market.

How much does it cost to ride Hatfield McCoy trails?

Hatfield-McCoy Trails permits are required for both riders and passengers to ride trails. Permits must be displayed on users’ helmets at all times while they are riding the trails.

Hatfield McCoy Trails
Hatfield McCoy Trails

Annual permits are valid from purchase until December 31 of the current year.

The cost to ride on Hatfield-McCoy Trails is currently $26.50 for West Virginia residents and $50.00 for non-residents.

You can learn more about purchasing tickets, including where to purchase them, on the Trails Heaven website.

Can you rent ATVs for Hatfield and McCoy Trails?

The following companies offer ATV rentals for the Hatfield-McCoy Trail system.

What Types of Vehicles are Permitted on the Hatfield-McCoy Trails?

  • ATVs – are permitted on all trails within the Hatfield-McCoy trail system.
  • UTVs (side-by-sides) – permitted on designated trails, including easiest, more difficult, and select most difficult trails. Follow trail signs and stay in designated areas.
  • ORVs – only permitted on the Bearwallow trail system.
  • Motorbikes – permitted on all trails.
  • Dune buggies – only permitted on the Bearwallow trail system.

What is the Best Hatfield-McCoy Trail System?

You could spend months riding the Hatfield-McCoy trail system without riding a single trail twice.

The trickiest part about visiting these incredible ATV trails in West Virginia will be choosing with trails to adventure on and deciding which trail you think is the best Hatfield-McCoy Trail System.

Here’s an overview of the trail networks within the Hatfield-McCoy trail system to help you decide.

The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System

The Hatfield-McCoy trails are open every day of the year and provide exhilarating riding opportunities for every skill level.

The trails are so popular in West Virginia and around the world that they have been collectively nicknamed Trails Heaven. We couldn’t agree more!

With more than 1000 miles of ATV trail system to date, the Hatfield-McCoy trail system is by far the most extensive in the US. Trails crisscross the mountains, forests, and valleys in this rural and largely wild part of the state.

Because the Hatfield-McCoy trails are so massive, they have been further divided into eight distinct trail systems — Pinnacle Creek, Pocahontas, Bearwallow, Buffalo Mountain, Devil Anse, Rock House, Indian Ridge, and Warrior.

Below you will find an overview of each system, as well as a few suggestions for lodging and camping, but first, a few important details about the Hatfield-McCoy trails.

In December of 2018, it was announced that three connecting trails would be added to connect the Hatfield-McCoy trail system with the Spearhead trails in Virginia.

More ATV Trails in West Virginia

While the Hatfield-McCoy trails are certainly the biggest and most well-known trail system in West Virginia, there are a few more trails worth visiting for offroad adventures.

ATV trails in West Virginia

The following list includes privately-owned trails and ATV parks in WV.

  • Burning Rock Offroad Park – More than 100 miles of trails through 8,000 acres of forest in Tam, WV. The trails are very well maintained, and camping is permitted.
  • King Knob Motorsports Park – Open on select weekends throughout the summer, this ATV park in Philippi, WV, boasts more than 200 miles of trails crisscrossing 1,300 acres.
  • Mountwood ATV Trails – 23 miles of marked trails and a full-service campground in Waverly, WV.
  • Good Evening Ranch – Located in Canvas, WV, Good Evening Ranch welcomes all vehicle types to ride on their 500 acres of forested trails with rolling hills. Amenities include a campground, restaurant, bar, cabins, and a horse stable.

West Virginia is an epic outdoor playground for the offroading enthusiast.

If you’re looking for exhilarating trails, breathtaking scenery, and southern hospitality, you won’t want to miss riding the Hatfield-McCoy trails in West Virginia.

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