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Healthy Camping Menu: 3-Day Sample

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If you love camping and hiking and consider them part of your active healthy lifestyle, then you don’t want to blow your health when it comes to your camping menu. In this post, we give you a 3-day Sample Healthy Camping Menu. While you are here, don’t forget to download our FREE Camping Menu Planner before you go.

Healthy Camping Menu

Healthy Camping Menu Plan

Sticking to a healthy eating plan while camping can be super easy if you pick the right healthy camping food and make a good healthy eating menu.

As you can imagine, our healthy eating menu plan consists of lots of easy and quick healthy camping recipes as well as on-the-go snacks such as fruits and nuts.

If you don’t have enough storage in your RV refrigerator or you are tent camping, consider investing in a rotomolded cooler. This will give you more flexibility and security in your food supply.

Some things to add to your grocery list for a healthy camping menu include:

  • Fresh Fruits (Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Berries)
  • Lean Meats (Pork, Chicken, Lean Beef)
  • Green Leafy Veggies for salads (Lettuces, Spinach, Kale)
  • Dairy (Hard cheeses, yogurt, eggs)
  • Nuts, Seeds, and Trail Mix
healthy eating camping menu
Sticking to a healthy eating plan while camping can be super easy if you pick the right healthy camping food and make a good healthy eating menu.

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3 Day Healthy Camping Menu

Here’s a sample menu plan and accompanying grocery shopping list for a 3-day Healthy Camping Menu

Day 1Paleo Banana PancakesTurkey & Low-Fat Swiss on Dave’s Killer Seed Bread (Thin)Salmon Foil bake with Grilled BroccoliHomemade Gluten-Free Granola
Day 2Crock Post oats and Cinnamon ApplesChicken & Mushroom Soup from Proper GoodGrilled Mahi-Mahi Foil PacketDairy/Sugar-Free Chocolate Pudding
Day 3Quinoa Breakfast BowlBroccoli Cheddar Soup from Proper GoodSouthwest Chili from Proper GoodGluten-Free Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Healthy Camping Shopping List Camping Grocery List

MeatProduceSeasonsDairy OtherBaking
Salmon (Enough for your party size)Lemons (extra 1 for juice if you don’t want to buy lemon juice)Garlic Powder1/2 Dozen EggsCoconut OilSugar
Mahi-MahiZucchini & Yellow SquashOnion PowderHalf and Half for coffeeCertified GF Rolled OatsBrown Sugar
Deli TurkeyYellow OnionsParsley1 lb butterPecansVegetable Oil
AvocadoSalt Low Fat Swiss CheeseShredded CoconutBaking Powder
BroccoliPepperCoconut FlakesBaking
AsparagusCayenne PepperVanilla ExtractKosher Salt
CinnamonAlmondsGF Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
RaisinsTurkish or Greek SeasoningPumpkin SeedsCoconut Flour
FigsLemon Pepper/Cajun/Old Bay *(your preference for fish packets)Maple Syrup
12 BananasCoffee
ApplesAlmond Butter
GrapesOlive Oil
Garlic ClovesQuinoa
Apple Juice

If you’d like a printable version of this menu, sign up for our FREE Camping Menu Planner.

Keto Camping Menu

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