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Hiking With Llamas In TN

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Out of all the best places to vacation in Tennessee and the unique things you can do there, I’m pretty sure that hiking with llamas in TN takes the cake. In this Tennessee Vacation Guide, we’ll tell you why llamas can make the perfect hiking partner and where are the best places to go hiking with them!

These charming animals are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face, and they can carry up to 30% of their body weight so they can totally carry your stuff, ensuring you a comfortable hike.

Hiking with Llamas in TN
Hiking with Llamas in TN

Not everyone gets to have this unique experience, so if you’re ready to get relaxed by these wooly-haired creatures, keep on reading to learn where you can go hiking with llamas in TN.

Where Can I See Llamas in The Smoky Mountains?

Llamas have been used for centuries in the Andes Mountains for their ability to transport heavy loads through difficult terrain.

In recent years, llamas have become popular as pack animals in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina.

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Tourists and locals gush over these llamas because of their cute appearance, and it has become a popular tourist attraction in the Smoky Mountains.

If you’re looking for some adventure with llamas, check these out!

  • Trillium Gap Trail– For years, llamas have been taking this trail to bring supplies to Mount LeConte Lodge. The llamas usually gather at the trail at 6-6:30 am and start traveling at 7:30 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They travel to the remote lodge and get their reward at the end of the 14-mile-long journey– pancakes!
  • Llama Farm Visit at the Smoky Mountain Llama Treks– If you’re not a hiker, then this activity is perfect for you. You’ll get to pet them, feed them, learn their names, and even their personalities in an hour! Ticket price is $20 for ages 17+, $14 for ages 4-16, and children 3 and under are free!
  • The Great Llama Race– Watch llamas race for a cause in this excellent llama race held every fall at Knoxville’s World’s Fair Park. There will be costume contests, parades, and whatnot so you can guarantee that this will be a fun-filled event! All proceeds of the race will go to different organizations. Admission is $5 (children 5 and under are free).

Ready to go hiking with llamas in TN? Check these out!

Tennessee hiking with llamas

Hiking With Llamas in Tennessee

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