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This page is dedicated to information about Appalachian Trail section hiking, best tips for hiking with kids, trekking gear reviews, and other outdoor inspiration. 

Camelback Mini MULE and Camelbak Scout

Best Hydration Packs For Kids

One key lesson we learned right away is that anything that makes hiking easier for us and more exciting for the kids is worth investing in! After purchasing hydration packs for our kids, we saw a huge improvement in their stamina and overall attitude while on the trail.

Smoky Mountain Sunrise

Ten Fun Things To Do In Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg, TN

In the northeast corner of Tennessee is the well known mountain playground, Gatlinburg, Tennessee. As one who grew up here, I often took for granted the jewel I had in my own back door. As I have grown older and traveled all around this magnificent country I call home, I have a greater appreciation of all the Great Smoky Mountains and its surrounding communities have to offer. The great thing about the Great Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg, Tennessee is that they offer something for everyone in the family. Here are 10 Fun Things To Do In The Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg, TN with your family.

Two people in hiking shoes at Grand Canyon

Best Wide Toe Box Shoes For Hiking

In this buying guide to the Best Wide Toe Box Shoes for hiking, we have compiled a list of the best hiking shoes and hiking boots for wide feet with a narrow heel. Are you a hiker with wide feet? Perhaps you need wide toe box shoes, but have a narrow heel. Whether you are beginner hiker/trekker who does short sectional hikes or an experienced through hike backpacker, it is important to find a comfortable hiking shoe that fits well and will hold up to the cruelty of the trail.

Gifts ideas for hikers

Gifts For The Hikers In Your LIfe

After asking these expert and experienced hikers what they ALWAYS have in their hiking pack, I decided to use this information to put together a list of gifts for hikers based upon their recommendations.