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How Far Away Is Dollywood From Gatlinburg?

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Looking to visit Dollywood from Gatlinburg or vice versa? Then, this Dollywood vacation guide is for you! It will tell you how far away Dollywood is from Gatlinburg, TN and more!

Located just a few miles down the road in Pigeon Forge, Dollywood offers families various amusement park rides and attractions, as well as live music and shows. If you’re from Gatlinburg, you’ll be glad to know that travel between these two destinations is easy!

How Far Away Is Dollywood From Gatlinburg
How Far Away Is Dollywood From Gatlinburg

Although Dollywood and Gatlinburg are close together, they aren’t right next to each other. This article will explore the distance between the two destinations and what tourists can expect when making the trip.

So how far is Dollywood from Gatlinburg? Let’s find out!

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How Far Away Is Dollywood From Gatlinburg?

Dollywood is a world-famous amusement park located in the beautiful foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, TN. It’s only a short 10 miles drive from Gatlinburg, Tennessee – usually around 20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

This popular destination for family fun offers a wide range of attractions, from roller coasters to country music shows, and more.

Directions From Gatlinburg To Dollywood

The drive from Gatlinburg to Dollywood is easy!

From 441 N, take a right turn onto Dollywood Ln./Veterans Blvd. and follow the signs that will guide you straight to Dollywood.

How Far Away Is Dollywood From Gatlinburg
How Far Away Is Dollywood From Gatlinburg

Is There A Shuttle From Gatlinburg To Dollywood?

Yes, there is a convenient shuttle from Gatlinburg to Dollywood! The Pink Trolley departs from the Gatlinburg Mass Transit Center at traffic light #5 approximately every 60 minutes.

The Trolley makes stops in Pigeon Forge – which includes one at the Dollywood Information Center on Parkway and another at the main entrance of Dollywood.

The fare is $1 per trip, and you must have the exact amount of money.

Dollywood drop-offs run each day at the same time as the park opens, and pick-ups happen one and a half hours after the park closes.

How Far Away Is Dollywood From Gatlinburg
How Far Away Is Dollywood From Gatlinburg

On days when Dollywood is closed, though, trolleys will still run to and from The information center following the operating schedule.

From November until March, trolleys only operate on days when Dollywood is open.

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Don’t forget to pack a compact travel camera to capture all the fun easily and conveniently.

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