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How Much Are Tickets To Dollywood

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Wondering how much are tickets to Dollywood? In this Dollywood Vacation Guide, we give you a breakdown of ticket prices so you can budget for your trip accordingly.

Ticket prices are often a deciding factor when it comes to planning a vacation. You want to make sure you have enough money to cover all of the activities that you want to do while on vacation, but you also don’t want to spend more than necessary.

How Much Are Tickets To Dollywood
How Much Are Tickets To Dollywood

If you’re planning to visit Dollywood, you’re probably wondering how much are tickets to Dollywood. Here’s a quick rundown of ticket prices for the popular Tennessee theme park.

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Dollywood Tickets Prices

If you’re planning a trip to Dollywood, you’ll want to know how much it will cost for tickets. The price of individual, one-day, or muti-day tickets at Dollywood can vary depending on your age.

1-Day Dollywood Tickets

  • Regular Adult Price (Ages 10-61): $89+ Tax

2-Day Dollywood Tickets

  • Regular Adult Price (Ages 10-61): $109+ Tax

3-Day Dollywood Tickets

  • Regular Adult Price (Ages 10-61): $119+ Tax

Ticket reservations are no longer required but we highly recommend that you purchase your tickets online in advance to save time at the gate.

The multi-day tickets do not have to be used consecutively, as long as they are all used within a five-day period (starting from the first day the ticket is used in the park).

Dollywood Discount Tickets

Discount Tickets are available for seniors(62+) and children(4-9). Dollywood also offers military discount year-round. 

Dollywood Tickets For Seniors

1-Day Dollywood Tickets

  • Regular Senior Price (Ages 62+): $74+ Tax

2-Day Dollywood Tickets

  • Regular Senior Price (Ages 62+): $89+ Tax

3-Day Dollywood Tickets

  • Regular Senior Price (Ages 62+): $99+ Tax
dollywood discount tickets
How Much Are Tickets To Dollywood

Dollywood Tickets For kids

1-Day Dollywood Tickets

  • Regular Child Price (Ages 4-9): $74+ Tax

2-Day Dollywood Tickets

  • RegularChild Price (Ages 4-9): $89+ Tax

3-Day Dollywood Tickets

  • Regular Child Price (Ages 4-9): $99+ Tax

Children 3 and under are FREE!

Tip: You have the chance to save $10 per ticket! A few times a year, Dollywood offers discounted admission rates for everyone regardless of age. That means that admission into the park could cost as little as $74 dollars! Make sure to check Dollywood’s event calendar for upcoming dates.

Dollywood Tickets Military Discount

  • 1-Day Dollywood Tickets: $62.30+ Tax
  • 2-Day Dollywood Tickets: $82.30+ Tax
  • 3-Day Dollywood Tickets: $92.30+ Tax

Dollywood Season Tickets

Dollywood Season Passes are a great way to save money if you plan on visiting the park more than twice a year! By purchasing a season pass, you can visit the park as many times as you want for one low price.

If you purchase a season pass, it costs less than if you were to buy two one-day admission tickets. On top of that, the season pass comes with other great benefits too.

Dollywood ticket prices for 2023 season passes are:

  • Silver Pass: $$149+Tax
  • Gold Pass: $214+ Tax
  • Diamond Pass: $314(also includes unlimited access to Splash Country)

*2023 Season Passes will go on sale to the general public beginning Oct. 31. Already a 2022 pass holder? Renewal is available as well.

* Seniors(62+) and Children(4-9) gets $10 off the above prices.

* You only need one family member to have a Gold or Diamond Pass in order for the whole group to use free parking and food & merchandise discounts, but that person must be present at the park.

Dollywood Group Tickets

Dollywood is so much fun when you go with a group! That’s Dollywood offers special group rates for groups of 15 or more people.  Make a reservation at least two weeks in advance to visit the park with 15 or more paying guests and receive one complimentary ticket.

Dollywood Tickets Coupons

Keep an eye out for Dollywood’s special offers. You can find them all on Dollywood’s official website. There are usually different offers for different times of the year, so be sure to check back often!

dollywood ticket prices
How Much Are Tickets To Dollywood

Is It Cheaper To Buy Dollywood Tickets Online?

Yes, buying Dollywood tickets online can be cheaper, plus you avoid the lines at the park entrance. Sometimes Dollywood offers some great deals that are only available when you purchase tickets online.

Another benefit is that you can buy multiple-day or season passes for the park, which can cut down the cost if you plan to go on multiple visits to the park.

Purchasing your tickets in advance online comes with the security of a money-back guarantee, should you need to cancel or make changes within 48 hours of your planned visit.

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