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How Much Is ATV Riding?

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Considering a recreational ATV riding adventure this year and wondering, “How much is ATV riding?” This guide is here to help you!

Renting is a more convenient option for vacationers who don’t want to deal with the hassle and expenses of transporting their own bulky equipment like an ATV. It saves them from incurring fuel costs and from the monthly expenses of owning and maintaining an ATV.

How Much Is ATV Riding?
How Much Is ATV Riding?

If you consider renting an ATV for your off-roading adventures, make sure to check out this review of expected ATV rental prices and how much it would cost you to ride an ATV.

How Much To Rent An ATV?

ATV rental fees vary depending on where you are and the type of ATV that you are renting.

On average, ATV rental prices can cost:

  • $100 for a 1 person ATV ride for an hour
  • $600 for 4 person ride on a high-performance ATV for an hour

Rental rates also vary by length of rental time. In general, the longer you rent, the more money you’ll spend. Some companies also offer rental packages complete with safety gear like ATV helmets and safety glasses.

Most ATV rentals are hourly, half-day, or full-day. However, some ATV rental companies offer rentals for a couple of days up to a week.

We recommend renting for at least two to four hours to allow plenty of time to fully enjoy the ATV trail riding experience.

Lastly, if you want to know the exact rental prices we recommend you check your chosen ATV park or rental location.

How Much To Rent A Side By Side?

Depending on the type of ATV and how long you’ll be renting, side-by-side rental prices average:

  • $150 for an hour
  • $2500 per for a week

While the base rates for smaller UTVs and 4-wheelers are generally cheaper than a SXS, the difference may be negligible if you have a large group and plan to rent a 4-wheeler ATV for everyone in your party.

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Keep in mind, however, everyone may want their own ATV for the thrill of it so the decision is entirely yours.

Of course, it’s best to check with the ATV rental company to get exact ATV prices.

How Much to Rent A Four Wheeler?

Renting a four-wheeler is a much cheaper alternative than buying a brand new or even used ATV.

Four-wheeler rental rates average:

  • $165 for a 2-hour ride
  • $350 for a two-hour ride on a higher-end model 

Just like with a SxS, 4 wheeler rentals can be a few hours, half or whole day rentals, and weekly rentals.

How Much Is ATV Riding?
How Much Is ATV Riding?

Fun ATV Riding Clothes

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Perform an ATV Pre-Ride Inspection

It’s always important to perform a Pre-Ride inspection before riding any ATV. The ATV rental company should be performing these on all ATV rentals.

However, at the end of the day, you are responsible for your own safety. Becoming familiar with all the safety precautions and maintenance items on an ATV is simply common sense.

Download this FREE ATV Pre-Ride Checklist so you know what to ask the rental company or how to perform a Pre-Ride checklist on your own ATV.

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