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How To Get To Gatlinburg, TN

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Are you curious on how to get to Gatlinburg, TN? No worries. This Gatlinburg vacation guide will tell you everything you need to know before planning your route.

We’ll cover all of the different ways to reach this beautiful town, as well as provide information on transportation once you’re there. So whether you’re driving from out of town or flying in, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

How To Get To Gatlinburg
How To Get To Gatlinburg

If you’re planning a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the first time, you may be wondering how to get there. Luckily, we’ve got all the answers for you.

There are several ways on how to get to Gatlinburg, and we’ve listed them all out below so that you can choose the best option for your needs. Be sure to check out all of the details before your next visit!

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Airports Near Gatlinburg

There are a few airports near Gatlinburg, TN, including;

McGhee Tyson Airport (Most convenient airport near Gatlinburg)

The closest airport to Gatlinburg and is located in Alcoa, TN. This airport is just 12 miles south of Knoxville and is a small, laid back, and easy-to-navigate airport. It is about 40 miles from downtown Gatlinburg and takes about an hour to drive or more, depending on traffic.

Asheville Regional Airport

Asheville Regional Airport, located in Asheville, North Carolina, is about 90 miles and a two-hour drive from Gatlinburg. While it’s more famous for visitors trying to get to the North Carolina side of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it is still possible to travel from Asheville across the Smoky Mountain divide into Gatlinburg.

Tri-Cities Airport

The Tri-Cities Airport, located in Blountville, TN, is approximately 100 miles and two hours away from Gatlinburg.

Closest International Airports

Some of the major airports that are within a couple of hours drive from Gatlinburg are the following;

  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport- about 190 miles away
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – about 200 miles away
  • Nashville International Airport- about 215 miles away
Directions to Gatlinburg
How To Get To Gatlinburg

These are a few of your options from the airport to Gatlinburg, but we recommend renting a car. It will likely be cheaper than taking a taxi, Uber, or Lyft- especially if you’re coming in from one of the farther airports.

Directions To Gatlinburg, Tennessee

McGhee Tyson Airport to Gatlinburg

You can either;

  • Take US-129 north from the airport to TN-168, then to US-441, and then onto the Parkway.
  • Go south on US-129 to US-321, then follow US-441 N/Parkway to your destination in Gatlinburg
  • Take US-129 to US-321, then following that through Townsend, TN into Great Smoky Mountains National Park via Line Springs and Little River roads to reach the Parkway

Asheville Regional Airport to Gatlinburg

Get on I-26 W/US-74 W then take I-40 W to Big Creek Rd in Hartford, take exit 447 from I-40 W. Take TN-32 N and US-321 S to your destination in Gatlinburg.

Tri-Cities Airport To Gatlinburg

Get on I-81 S in Kingsport from TN-357/Airport Pkwy, then Continue on I-81 S to Cocke County. Take exit 440 from I-40 E. Follow US-321 S to your destination in Gatlinburg.

How Do You Get Around Gatlinburg Without A Car?

There are several ways to get around Gatlinburg without a car. One option is to take the trolley, which runs throughout the town.

Another option is to walk, as most of the town’s attractions are within walking distance. You can also take a taxi or rideshare services like Uber and Lyft if you need to get somewhere that’s further away.

How To Get To Gatlinburg
How To Get To Gatlinburg

Finally, you can go around Gatlinburg by foot. The town is compact and walkable and you’ll be able to see all the sights and attractions. Keep in mind that the sidewalks can get crowded, especially during the peak season and during holidays or special events.

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