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How To Organize Your RV Pantry Like A Pro

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One of the most important skills to learn when setting up your RV camper is RV pantry organization. In this RV Camping Resource, you will learn how to organize an RV pantry with some simple and easy-to-use RV hacks.

The last thing you want is to forget about those bananas you shoved in the very back of your pantry until the fruit flies have taken over your RV camper.

How To Organize An RV Pantry
How To Organize An RV Pantry

That’s why learning to organize your RV pantry is so important. With such small spaces, it’s important to have a plan in place so that you don’t forget about what you have or waste any food while camping.

5 Beginner Tips For RV Pantry Organization

  1. Create a Camping Meal Plan– Preparation and planning is the first step in organizing an RV pantry. It is important to pack the right types of food and use a camping meal plan to help you think through the types of items you can pack in your particular RV pantry. 
  2. Choose food your family loves– Since you can only pack a limited amount of food, be sure to choose food that your family loves to not waste precious space in your camper with food that will just be thrown away at the end of your trip. 
  3. Choose food that travels well– Choose food that is travel-friendly, convenient, and easy to consume while you’re on the road.
  4. Choose food that stores easily– Choose food that is not too bulky, and just enough to fit in your pantry.
  5. Limit perishable goods– While you want to keep fresh food on hand, it’s important to choose food that doesn’t easily spoil.

Sometimes it’s not about how big your pantry is but how organized it is.

Whether you are using baskets, bins, or even just improvised storage containers, these will give your pantry a much-needed transformation.

RV Pantry Organization By Pantry Type

When it comes to the actual RV Pantry organization, consider your pantry type. Here are a few of the most common RV pantries you will find in today’s campers.

Narrow and Deep RV Pantry Shelves

Purchase RV pull-out pantry baskets to maximize the small space. These pull-out baskets and racks make reaching food in a narrow and deep RV pantry a breeze.

Be sure you fully measure your RV pantry cabinets before ordering your slide-out racks to ensure proper fit. 

Tall and Shallow RV Pantry Shelves

For tall and shallow RV Pantries, organizing the RV shelves can be a challenge. There’s nothing worse than opening your RV pantry after traveling and having everything fall out on your head.

Here are some tips to prevent things from falling out of your tall or shallow RV pantry.

How To Organize An RV Pantry
How To Organize An RV Pantry

Organize Your Pantry By Camping Food Category

Think of organizing your RV pantry as a puzzle. You have to figure out which food fits in which space the best. Below are tips on how to organize different types of food in your RV pantry.

Canned goods

  • A stackable wire can rack is also perfect for storing your canned goods preventing them from getting knocked over while on the road.

Store canned goods as low as possible in your RV pantry to keep them from becoming too top-heavy.


  • There are spice rack grippers on the market that you can put in your RV pantry shelf doors that are designed to hold each of your spices in place. 
  • Spice racks and caddies are also an option and can be mounted to an interior pantry wall or below the shelf with shelf brackets.
  • Labeling-Using a tool like, Cricut Joy, will make your spice rack appealing to the eye and cut your cook prep time down to a minimum.

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Over-the-door” baskets can be hung on your pantry shelf doors where your fruits and vegetables can be secured regardless if your RV is moving or not.
  • You can add wall-mounted baskets on the side of your pantry shelf where you can keep not only your fruits and veggies but other items as well.
  • Hanging baskets are also a great space saver but one major disadvantage is that they will move at some points while driving your RV.


  • “Over-the-door” pantry bins can also be used in organizing your snacks and are accessible as they can be hung easily on your shelf doors.
  • You can put Binder clips and command hooks inside your pantry shelf to hang snacks or bags of leftover chips. 

Dry goods and Cereals

  • Repack them and use stackable nesting Tupperware in storing your dry goods so they don’t take up most of the space in your RV Pantry.
  • Mason/Glass jars are great for storing different types of cereals, but keep them on lower shelves since they can also be a bit heavy to be put on the top shelves.

Make sure that these containers are sealed and airtight to keep them fresh and odor-free, and to prevent unwanted visitors like bugs or vermins.

Organize Your Pantry by Camping Menu

Another way to organize your RV pantry is by your camping menu plan. Pack the items for the last meal first and work your way to the first meal.

This enables you to reach the items as you need them throughout the camping trip.

There are numerous tips and tricks you can search over the internet on how to organize your RV pantry but make sure to choose something that will actually work for you. Save your time and sanity, just head on and enjoy your trip!

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More RV Pantry Organization Ideas

Consider utilizing containers or wire racks that can be hung on the shelf door or mounted on a wall.

Stacking is not always the best option, but it can be a great space saver. We suggest that you get containers that are designed to stack. 

Organizing your RV pantry isn’t supposed to be stressful. Always remember to keep things simple and small.

Maximize and utilize what you have to organize everything that you need.

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